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About the Data-Driven Innovation initiative

From food production and climate change, to exploring Space and genetically-tailored healthcare, the Data-Driven Innovation (DDI) initiative is a cluster of innovation hubs that bring academic disciplines together to delve into some of the world’s most pressing challenges – using data to innovate.

Innovation starts with an idea. Turning an idea into reality needs partnership. So the DDI initiative is striving to help researchers collaborate with businesses, charities, and the public sector, at the crossroads of data science, research, and real-world challenges – where exciting innovations can take place.

The DDI initiative has been created by the University of Edinburgh to support the creation of new partnerships that will make a positive difference in society. So the University is especially proud to be delivering the initiative as part of the Edinburgh and South East Scotland City Region Deal, which aims to deliver inclusive growth for all our citizens.

Six data-driven innovation ‘hubs’ have been created, housing expertise and facilities to help 10 industrial sectors become more innovative through data. The University of Edinburgh hosts the Bayes Centre, Edinburgh Futures Institute, Easter Bush campus, Agritech Hub, Usher Institute for Population Health Sciences and Informatics and the Edinburgh International Data Facility. Working with the University of Edinburgh to deliver the 15-year programme is Heriot-Watt University, who will help deliver the National Robotarium.

What is data-driven innovation?

The inclusion of Data-Driven Innovation with the City Region Deal reflects the growing importance of data in economic growth, social change, and public services. Through high-speed data analytics, our ability to capture flows of data and understand what they tell us is bringing better and faster capability to identify trends and behaviour across many sectors, leading to improved services for consumers and citizens.