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Consultation | Long-Term Forest Plan

Please note: this consultation is now closed. The University of Edinburgh is developing a Long-Term Forest Plan (LTFP). You are invited to have your say on the management of the University's forests and woodlands, and help shape our operations for the next twenty years.

The LTFP will describe the major woodland and forest management operations planned over the next twenty-year management period and aims to deliver long-term environmental benefits through sustainable forestry practices.  The LTFP process is grant assisted through the Scottish Rural Development Programme. As part of the approval process the applicant is required to carry out consultation to explore relevant issues and opportunities.

We are undertaking consultation with statutory bodies including Scottish Forestry, NatureScot, the Scottish Environmental Protection Agency, and Midlothian Council.  We are also contacting local representatives, interest groups, and neighbours, to invite comments and suggestions which will help improve and inform the LTFP. 

Mark Hamilton Landscape Services have been commissioned to produce the LTFP and run the consultation on behalf of the University.

The scoping process provides the opportunity to identify the key issues, sensitivities or other information that should be included within the design process. The aim is to seek to agree a balance between these constraints and the landowner’s objectives.

Long-Term Forest Plan
We welcome your contribution to informing and shaping the LTFP. 

Your assistance may involve providing:-

  • Information on the property, including constraints or issues that we may not be aware of.
  • If you are the manager of an adjoining woodland, information on your own long-term management proposals.
  • Comments on specific or general issues related to the woodland management and access.
  • Suggestions for future management of the property.
Information Pack 

For this consultation exercise we have produced an information pack which consists of: -

  • A brief summary of the woodlands (Scoping Document).
  • A Location Map (Map 1)
  • Concepts Maps (Maps 2a and 2b) identifying key issues and opportunities, and indicating proposed management activity.
  • Blank Maps (Maps 3a and 3b) showing the property boundaries. You may wish to annotate this map and return it with your response.

The information pack can be viewed and downloaded below.

You can respond by email or letter if preferred, using the contact details below.

To assist in process it would be helpful if we could receive comments by Friday 4th February 2022.

If you would like further information or clarification on proposed works, or if you have any information of relevance which will inform the LTFP, then please get in touch.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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