Translation Studies

Former students

Find out about past PhD theses as well as what some of our past graduates have done with their MSc Translation Studies degree.

PhD Translation Studies

Name Thesis title Year of Graduation
Bibiana Ka Ian Kan Half the Sky: Ideology in Translation of Four Novels by British Women, Cranford, Jane Eyre, Silas Marner and Price and Prejudice 2017
Lingli Xie Blurred Boundaries between Translation and Rewriting Lyrics: A Diachronic Study of Song Translation Activities in China 2016
James Kelly Toward a Deleuzean Theory of Translation: A Translation of and Commentary on A fuego eternos condenados 2015
Elena Sanz Ortega A Descriptive Study of Norms in Dubbing and Subtitling Polyglot Films 2015
Catherine Campbell Translation and the Reader: A Survey of British Book Group Members' Attitudes Towards Translation 2015
Elisabeth Mockli Reporting Goebbels in Translation: A Study of Text and Context 2014
Varvara Alexandrovna Christie Styling identities in post-Soviet cinema: the use of slang, argot and obscenities in contemporary Russian films 2013
Samantha Sherry Censorship in Translation in the Soviet Union in the Stalin and Khrushchev Era 2012
Chung-yan Kong Translating Destination Images as a Re-presentation of Multiple Identities: Comparing the Chinese-to-English Translations of Four Tourism Websites 2011
Pei Meng The Politics and Practice of Trans-culturation: Importing and Translating Chinese Autobiographical Writings into the British Literary Field 2011
Sharon Deane Confronting the Retranslation Hypothesis: Flaubert and Sand in the British Literary System 2011
Anne-Lise Feral Genre and Gender in Translation: The Poetological and Ideological Rewriting of Heroine-Centred and Women-Oriented Fiction 2009
Iraklis Pantopoulos The stylistic identity of the metapoet: A corpus-based comparative analysis using translations of modern Greek poetry 2009
Corinna Krause Eadar Dà Chànan: Self-Translation, the Bilingual Edition and Modern Scottish Gaelic Poetry 2008
Ya-mei Chen Reconstruction of Ideology-related Norms in News Trans-editing 2006
Helena Miguélez-Carballeira Reneweing Old Acquaintances: The Conflation Between Critical and Translation paths in the Anglo-American Reception of Merce Rodored, esther Tusquets and Rosa Montero 2005

MSc Translation Studies

Name Current occupation Programme and year of graduation
Siân Mackie Freelance literary translator and in-house translator for commercial translation company Sandberg Translation Partners MSc Literary Translation as Creative Practice 2013
Conor O'Loughlin Full-time German-English translator in Edinburgh MSc Literary Translation as Creative Practice 2012
Skevi Hadjiefthymiou English Teacher & Freelance Translator (English-Greek) MSc Translation Studies 2012
Fahad Al Salhi PhD Candidate at Moray House, University of Edinburgh MSc Translation Studies 2006
Chie Watarase Writer and editor in the education sector in Japan MSc Translation Studies 2005
Nariman Youssef PhD Candidate at the University of Manchester MSc Translation Studies 2008