Russian Research Seminar: Dr Nina Scherbak

The lecture will discuss to what extent a famous literary text could be adapted into a film.

Classical works by Russian authors Leo Tolstoy, Ivan Bunin and Vladimir Nabokov are difficult to render, yet famous producers attempted to do it and have succeeded. The lecture will also shed more light on the works and biography of Russian Modernist writers as presented in contemporary documentary films in Russia.

Nina Scherbak, PhD in Linguistics, MA in English language teaching and literature (Lancaster, UK), is Associate Professor in the Department of English Studies at St Petersburg State University. She authored 15 books on Russian modernist writers and on contemporary Anglophone writers. She also writes novels and TV screenplays for the Russian channel “Culture”.

This event is free and all are welcome to attend.

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Oct 25 2019 -

Russian Research Seminar: Dr Nina Scherbak

'Cultural Encounters/Dialogues'. A free seminar by guest speaker Dr Nina Scherbak (St Petersburg State University).

David Hume Tower, Room 4.18
George Square