Recording research seminars

Advice and best practice for recording research seminars

If you wish to record research seminars, workshops or panel discussions, particularly those involving members of the public, please adhere to this best practice:

  • The organiser MUST secure proper written consent from the speaker(s) to record the seminar in advance. It is not acceptable to spring the request on speakers at the start of the seminar since this may place them in a position where they feel unduly pressured to consent. So, please secure written consent in advance. The consent must include details of what will be recorded, how it will be recorded, where the recordings will be stored, who will have access to them, and for how long, etc. There should also be an option for speakers to withdraw consent after the recording has been done.
  • If it is hoped that the recording will be deposited in an archive, there may be additional stipulations from the archive that need to be communicated and fulfilled.
  • The advertising of such seminars should clearly state that the seminars will be recorded and that if participants do not consent to the recording then the only option would be to not participate. A verbal reminder as the seminar begins would be good practice.

It is recommended that where possible, discussions/Q&A not be recorded unless they are essential to the activity.