Instructions for AMENDMENTS

How to amend your ethics application after you have received approval.

Please adhere to the following guidance if you wish to make an amendment to an ethics application which was previously given a favourable opinion. If the LLC Research Ethics Committee (REC) requested that you re-submit your ethics application, please refer to Instructions for RE-SUBMISSIONS. 

  • You should be able to edit your original application before re-submitting it for review. However, the system can be temperamental, so if you are unable to edit your original application, please submit a new one. 

  • In either case, preface the title of your project with “AMENDMENT(S)” so that reviewers can see immediately that it is a request to make amendments to an existing project. 

  • As well as editing the answers to individual questions on the ethics application form, please provide a clear summary of the specific amendments you are requesting and attach it to the application. 

  • Do not continue your research until you have secured a favourable opinion for the amendment(s) from the REC.