Health and social care research: sponsorship guidance

Health and social care research sponsorship guidance.

All health and social care research should have a sponsor. 

If you are a member of University staff, or a student, undertaking funded or unfunded research that meets the criteria set by the UK Policy Framework for Health & Social Care Research, you must request sponsorship from the University. 

The Research Governance Coordinator offers a range of support and advice relating to research governance. They can: 

  • Determine whether your project requires sponsorship 

  • Advise on whether your study comprises clinical audit, service evaluation or research 

  • Identify what approvals are required (for example, ethics approval, NHS R&D) and how to gain those approvals 

  • Support you to plan your study set-up and provide ongoing advice and support through participant recruitment and follow-up 

  • Review and give Sponsor sign-off of applications to NHS Research Ethics Committees and for NHS Management Approval (R&D) 

  • Provide assistance regarding amendments to running projects 

Who to contact? 

The sponsorship contact for projects within the College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences is the CAHSS Research Governance Coordinator. It is recommended you contact the Research Governance Coordinator at an early stage and before you apply for ethical approval.