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Personal Tutoring Statement

Every student has a Personal Tutor (PT), a member of the teaching staff who provides academic guidance and support.

Aims of the Personal Tutor System

The Personal Tutor (PT) system provides you with a named member of academic staff - your Personal Tutor - who will support you throughout your time at university. They will give you academic support and a route to pastoral support.  You, as a Tutee, will work with your PT to reflect on your academic performance; how this contributes to your aspirations, and helps you engage in our learning community.  You will also be supported throughout your time at university by a Student Support Team. 

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Your Personal Tutor

Your Personal Tutor will:

  • help you to review your academic progress and performance regularly;
  • help you to think about your learning, how it contributes to your future development, prepares you for your time at university and your career;
  • help you to become a confident, active member of a community of learners;
  • help you to deal with any concerns or problems that might affect your studies and refer you to other staff in the School and support services as appropriate.

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Undergraduate students

How to get the best out of the Personal Tutor system as an undergraduate student.

Postgraduate Taught students

How to get the best out of the Personal Tutor system as a postgraduate taught student.

Further support 

Within each School, there are a number of other people working in partnership with Personal Tutors to make sure the PT system works for you. 

Student Support Team

Each School has a Student Support Team (SST) working with Personal Tutors to support you.  Based in the Student Support Office, they are here to help you with a variety of queries relating to administrative and pastoral support, and advice on University-wide support services (e.g. student counselling).  If your Personal Tutor is unavailable, you are always welcome to contact Student Support.

  • For Undergraduate students, your first point of contact will vary, depending on your query.  
  • For Postgraduate students, your first point of contact will normally be your Programme Administrator. For specific academic enquiries (e.g. the academic content of the programme, your research ideas and plans), you should contact your Programme Director, and for pastoral issues, you should contact the Student Support Office.

In all cases, queries will be dealt with as quickly as possible (within three working days).

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Senior Tutor

Each School has a Senior Tutor who oversees the effectiveness of personal tutoring within your School.  If you feel that you cannot speak to your Personal Tutor (and sometimes people simply do not get along due to no fault on either side), please contact your Senior Tutor.  You should contact the Student Support Team in the first instance, if you would like to request a change of Personal Tutor.

The Senior Tutor is:

Dr Iona Macintyre

Senior Lecturer and Senior Tutor

  • Spanish, Portuguese and Latin American Studies
  • European Languages and Cultures
  • School of Literatures, Languages and Cultures

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Room 2.04
50 George Square

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