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Why learn languages?

Second year German and Linguistics student, Tara Haworth, shares her thoughts on the importance of studying languages and her experiences to date.

Photo of Tara Haworth
Tara (pictured on right) and friend

Offering 14 languages to degree level, the School of Literatures, Languages and Cultures (LLC) is a stimulating environment for the study of languages and cultures.

In this short article, Tara Haworth, a German and Linguistics student, reflects on why she chose to study languages, first at school, and now at university.

Describing her experience so far as “really valuable and enjoyable”, Tara finds language learning engaging, and likes the opportunities to travel and work abroad.

She is pictured here with a friend from Brazil who she met at a languages school in Germany two years ago and with whom she still keeps in touch, saying “These friendships are so unique and it’s exciting to have friends all over the world!”

Currently in her second year, Tara is gearing up for her Year Abroad, which is a core feature of our undergraduate language degrees; a year of great change, but also great opportunity.

“Learning languages shows you to be an independent, highly-motivated individual with an interest in the wider world and cultures”, she reflects.

“The employment opportunities for languages are also promising… something which I am really looking forward to making the most of, as I hope to do a work placement whilst on my Year Abroad (another perk of learning languages!)”.

“Although challenging, I can think of few other subjects which offer such an interactive way to learn and gain experience in the wider world and I’m really glad that I chose to study languages in school and then in university.”

Tara is one of 21 student contributors to the second issue of BABBLE, our online creative writing magazine for students of European Languages and Cultures supported by friends and alumni of the University of Edinburgh through a Student Experience Grant.

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