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Home grown film up for BAFTA

The hugely successful documentary film and Edinburgh University LLC research project We Are Northern Lights has been nominated for the BAFTA audience award.

We are Northern Lights

The film was Scotland’s first mass participation film project and called on people across the country to pick up cameras and mobiles and share videos about their lives, hopes and dreams.

Award winning Scottish filmmaker, and senior lecturer in visual and cultural studies, Nick Higgins, said at the time of launch, ‘Our aim is to create a truly original representation of Scotland, taking in everything from the extraordinary to the everyday.’

The project was launched as part of the Year of Creative Scotland and ended up with 121 co-directors, including former and current LLC students.

The film is now nominated for a popular voted BAFTA and staff, students and supporters of LLC are encouraged to vote to help the film to succeed. Voting can be done online at:

The film is also now available for online streaming anywhere in the UK. You can watch it and then share it with your friends and followers by clicking on the player at: