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Video Catalogue

The Video Catalogue - or VIDCAT - is a complete listing of all our available videos, some of which are available for streaming within the UK.

Using the Catalogue

To search VIDCAT you can add the Video Catalogue to your MyEd page. You may need to add the channel to your Services tab within MyEd: click Customise in the top left of the Services page and search for Video Catalogue Search to add the channel.

Searching the catalogue provides you with a reference number, some information about the item and, in some cases, a Windows Media Player icon. Clicking this will allow you to stream the video directly. Bandwidth requirements dictate that the streamed picture will not be of very high quality: we recommend a medium-sized window to watch your film.

Search tips

VIDCAT can be quite a powerful search tool, if used correctly. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, try the following tips:

Try alternative titles. While we try and list alternative titles so they can be searched (Remember Me/Ricordati di me; The Bridge on the River Kwai/The Bridge over the River Kwai), we sometimes have to go on what the DVD or original recording says, and are unaware of other titles for the film.

Try searching for a director. If you know the director of the film, it might be easier to search for his or her name directly.

Try searching by language. If a film is not in English or silent, the language should be part of the record. So, if you want to practice your Spanish, a search for “Spanish” will bring up everything from All About My Mother to Y tu mama tambien.

Try categories and media type. This is perhaps less useful, but if you are wanting to see a documentary, animation or a short film, “documentary” “animation” and “short” will show you what we have in those categories. You can also search all our VHS, DVDs and, perhaps more pertinently, Blu Ray discs. (We do not hyphenate Blu Ray.)

Finally, use less to see more. It is possible that one of us has made a spelling mistake, or we may be transliterating differently. You might have forgotten the second “u” in Bunuel, we might have missed one of Ranier Werner Fassbinder’s names. VIDCAT search is not intelligent, so “Belle du jour” will not give any results, but you will find the film you’re looking for if you type “belle” “jour” or even “bell”. You just might have to look through more results to find it.

The Video Catalogue is composed by human beings. There will be errors and irregularities. If you find any, please email us and we will have them corrected:

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