Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies

Studying Turkish

Turkish is the main language of 65 million inhabitants of Turkey.

Interior of the Blue Mosque

It is a co-official language of Cyprus and is also spoken by smaller groups in Greece, Bulgaria, Macedonia and other parts of the Balkans. Turkic languages are closely related and learning Turkish provides access to other members of the family, such as Azeri, Kazakh, Uzbek and Turkmen. Proficiency in modern Turkish is also an indispensable aid to learning Ottoman Turkish, the official language of the Ottoman Empire and the key to accessing a wealth of literary, historical and religious sources from the pre-modern Islamic world.

Why study Turkish?

We offers two one-year language courses, Turkish 1 and Turkish 2. The aim of the Turkish 1 course is to introduce students to the main aspects of the written and spoken language and provide them with a basic vocabulary. After completing the course, students will have gained a substantial grounding in Turkish grammar and syntax and will be equipped with the key tools to understand, speak, read and write elementary Turkish. Turkish 2 builds on the knowledge gained in Turkish 1 and expands students' knowledge of Turkish culture as well as language.