Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies

What can I study?

IMES is recognised in the UK and internationally as a leading institution for research and study of Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies.

We offer a wide range of degree programmes based on the languages, history, culture, religion and politics of the Middle East and the Islamic world.

Degree programmes are either based on one of the two main languages of the region (Arabic and Persian), or take an area studies (Middle Eastern Studies) or religious studies (Islamic Studies) approach, which includes two years of language study. In addition, students can study Turkish to an intermediate level.

Students may have the opportunity to travel and study in the Middle East during their degree, either at a language institute in the Arabic-speaking or Persian-speaking world, or through ERASMUS exchange with a university in Turkey.

Our degrees are either single honours or joint honours, which combine language study with another degree subject. Thus, in addition to our single honours degrees (Arabic, Persian, Middle Eastern Studies, Islamic Studies), we offer a range of degrees combining the study of one of these languages with courses on the Middle East taught in IMES and courses in other disciplines, topics and Subject Areas.