Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies

Aims and outcomes

Our MSc in Advanced Arabic will develop your language skills to a level where you can use Arabic in any academic or professional capacity where fluency is a requirement. Likely career paths for graduates from the course include literary or spoken translation, government, media or NGO roles, and academia.

Dome of the Rock, Jerusalem, Israel

By the end of the programme you will have:

  • Further developed your ability to speak, write and communicate at a high level in Modern Standard Arabic
  • Obtained an in-depth understanding of current Media Arabic
  • Obtained a thorough knowledge of the Spoken Arabic of Egypt or the Levant.
  • Fully understood the concept of Diglossia and Multiglossia and how this applies to Arabic
  • Developed your research and writing skills on an extended research project relating to Arabic and the Arab World
  • Developed a good knowledge of modern Arabic literary texts
  • Reinforced your skills in translation, interpreting and critical analysis in English and Arabic.


The MSc is both a professional and an academic qualification, providing you with a solid linguistic and research foundation. The language skills you gain will prepare you to use your Arabic in a professional capacity, such as in business, diplomacy, the media, NGOs or other international organisations, or to embark on an academic career in which Arabic is a key language.