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Conference - Syria: From Severus to Saladin

Syria: From Severus to Saladin

The School of History, Classics and Archaeology, in association with Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies, is holding  a day conference, open to students, staff and members of the public alike, organised by Dr Lucy Grig (Classics) and Dr Andrew Marsham (IMES).

The conference will include papers from a range of international, focusing on diverse aspects of the history, material and visual culture of Roman, Byzantine and Islamic Syria, as well as the current challenges to the preservation of Syria's archaeological heritage.


Time Title Speaker
9.00-9.30am Registration (McMillan Room)  
9.30-9.45am Introduction (Meadows Lecture Theatre) Lucy Grig and Andrew Marsham (Edinburgh)
9.45-10.30am ‘Questions of Identity at Tadmor/Palmyra’ Ted Kaizer (Durham)
10.30-11.15am ‘Umayyad and Abbasid PalacesCompared’ Robert Hillenbrand (Edinburgh/St Andrews)
11.15-11.45am Coffee break  
11.45-12.30pm ‘Islamic Syria through Byzantine Eyes’ Koray Durak (Bogazici, Istanbul)
12.30-2.00pm Lunch break  
2.00-2.45pm ‘9th and 10th Century Concepts of al-Sham: a Geographical Survey’ Simon Gundelfinger (Hamburg)
2.45- 3.30pm ‘Damascus: Saladin’s favourite city’ Carole Hillenbrand (Edinburgh/St Andrews)
3.30-4.00pm Coffee break  
4.00-4.45pm ‘When the Present Threatens the Past: Endangered Archaeology in Syria’ Mike Bishop (EAMENA, Oxford)
4.45-5.15pm Final panel discussion:  ‘Syria: Continuity, Change and Challenges’  

Cost: £20/£10 students. Registration is available via e-pay:

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The ruins of Palmyra, Syria
Sep 17 2016 -

Conference - Syria: From Severus to Saladin

IMES and HCA, in association with the Centre for Medieval and Renaissance Studies, are holding a day conference Syria: From Severus to Saladin - open to staff, students and members of the public.

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