Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies

IMES Seminar Series: Autumn 2018

A weekly series of free seminars from guest speakers and colleagues in Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies. Mondays at 5:15pm.

Each semester, Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies (IMES) welcomes a fantastic range of guest speakers and colleagues to present an evening seminar on their research.

IMES is internationally recognised as a leading institution for research on the languages, history, culture, religion and politics of the Middle East and the wider Islamic world, and its Research Seminar Series is now an established feature in the School of Literatures, Languages and Cultures (LLC) events calendar.

Seminars take place on Monday evenings at 5.15pm in room G2, 19 George Square. This semester, they are based on the theme 'Gendering the Middle East'.

Entry is free and no booking is required. Everyone is welcome.

Download the full listings for Autumn 2018 as a pdf by clicking HERE.

Sep 24 2018 -

IMES Research Seminar: Marie Legendre

The Finances of the Caliphate: Abbasid Fiscal Practice in Islamic Late Antiquity. A free research seminar my IMES colleague Marie Legendre.
Oct 01 2018 -

IMES Research Seminar: Charis Boutieri

The Democratic Grotesque: Masquerade and Dissensus in Post-Revolutionary Tunisia. A free research seminar by Charis Bouteri of King's College London.
Oct 08 2018 -

IMES Research Seminar: Alistair Hunter

Female Mourning in Islam: Historical Precedents and Contemporary Diasporic Perspectives. A free research seminar by Alistair Hunter (University of Edinburgh/University of Glasgow).
Oct 15 2018 -

IMES Research Seminar: Farhad Daftary and Shainool Jiwa

Book launch of "The Fatimid Caliphate: Diversity of Traditions. Featuring authors Farhad Daftary and Shainool Jiwa (Institute of Ismaili Studies).
Oct 22 2018 -

IMES Research Seminar: Samuel Cook

Legal and Linguistic Continuity in Coptic Documents from Post-Conquest Egypt. A free research seminar by Samuel Cook (Macquarie University).
Oct 29 2018 -

IMES Reseach Seminar: Joey Ayoub and Erden Goktepe

Haunting and the Post-War Generation in Lebanese Cinema + Waves '98 by Ely Dagher (Joey Ayoub - PhD Candidate, University of Edinburgh). Transforming the Representation of Masculinities in the Cinema of Turkey: Revisiting the 1980 Military Coup (Erden Goktepe (PhD Candidate, University of Edinburgh).
Nov 05 2018 -

IMES Research Seminar: Marjan Asi and Lucy Deacon

Title to be Confirmed (Marjan Asi, PhD Candidate, University of Edinburgh). Literary Analysis of the Iranian Ta'ziyeh Repertoire: Foregrounding the Mother in the Martyrdom of Qasem. A free research seminar by Lucy Deacon (PhD Candidate, University of Edinburgh).
Nov 12 2018 -

IMES Research Seminar: Elvire Corboz

Religious Authority in London's Shi' Triangle: The Dynamics of a Transnational Competition. A free seminar by Elvire Corboz (IMES, University of Edinburgh).
Nov 19 2018 -

IMES Research Seminar: Giulia Liberatore

Building Prophetic Communities: A New Generation of Female Islamic Scholars in Britain. A free research seminar by Giulia Liberatore (IMES/Sociology, University of Edinburgh).
Nov 26 2018 -

IMES Research Seminar: Farah Aboubakr

Engendering and Gendering Memory in Palestinian Folktales. A free seminar by Farah Aboubakr (IMES, University of Edinburgh).