Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies

Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies Seminar Series 2021-22

A fortnightly series of free seminars from guest speakers and colleagues in Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies.

About the seminar series

This IMES Research Seminar Series builds on recent calls to “de-centre Shiʿism” (M. Künkler and M. Clarke, 2018).

It brings together a range of perspectives on historical and contemporary topics that move beyond the cores and hierarchies within Shi‘ism – whether temporal, geographical, textual or sociological – which have long been assumed and given prominence in the field of Shiʿi studies.

The Series also explores avenues to open up the field beyond its Shiʿi-centric confines and encourage more dialogue with the fields of Islamic and Middle Eastern studies more broadly.

How to join

Events are free and everyone is welcome. 

In the interests of audience and speaker wellbeing during Covid-19, they will be held online using Zoom. Registration is required so that you can be sent joining instructions and links in advance.

Check the calendar for exact dates and times.

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