Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies

PhD Graduates 1981-2001

Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies was formally established at the University of Edinburgh in 1981 and has been graduating PhD students across a wide variety of of topics since then.

Year Name Thesis title
1981 Ahmad Mubarak Al-Baghdadi, BA (Kuwait), MA (Clark, Mass.) The Political Thought of Abu al-Hasan al-Mawardi
Nur al-Din Aliyu, BA (Ahmadu Bello), MSc (Wisconsin) Ibn Taymiyya’s attitude towards Sufism and his critique of Ibn al-‘Arabi’s mystical philosophy
Abdulmuneim Muhammad Al-Hasan Al-Karouri, BA (Cairo), MA (Khartoum) The Classical Arabic verb inflection: a WP-grammar with an introductory phonemic investigation
Azmi Taha Al-Sayyed Ahmad, BA (Damascus), MA (Kuwait) Al-Ghazali’s views on logic
Shaukat Mahmood, BA, MA (Punjab, Lahore), MSc (H-W) Islamic Inscriptions in Pakistani architecture to 1707
Mohammed Akram Sa’adeddin, BA (Damascus) An analytical phonetic study of three areas of Al-Farahidiy’s legacy
Muhammad Akhtar Saeed Siddiqui, BA, MA (Karachi), MA (Punjab, Lahore) A study of the evolution of ijtihad (legal reasoning) in the development of the zakat law during the first century AH
Mohammad Karim Youssef-Jamali, BA (Tabriz) The life and personality of Shah Isma’il (1487-1524)
Abdul-Rahman Salih Abdullah, BA (AUB), MA (Columbia) Educational Theory: A Qur’ānic Outlook
Sukru Selim Has, BA (Ankara) A Study of Ibrahim Al-Halabi with special reference to the Multaqa
Necati Ozturk, BA (Ankara) Islamic orthodoxy among the Ottomans in the seventeenth century with special reference to the Qadi-zade Movement
Dhia Mohammed Siddeek, BA (Al-Mustansiriya) Romanticism and realism: a study of the novels of Yusuf as-Siba’i
Adnan Mohammad Wazzan, BA (King Abdul Aziz) Realism in Arnold Bennett and Najib Mahfuz: a comparative study in the Arabic and the English novel
Azar Gholizadeh-Sarabi, BA (Tabriz) The status of women in an Azarbayjani village (Iran) with special reference to carpet manufacture
Kamel Khalil Zaghmoot, BA (Damascus) A critical edition of some early works of Tradition, together with an introduction and analysis of these works
1982 Jasim Sagbain Ali, MA (Baghdad) The Christians of the Jazira 17-132 AH/ 638-750 AD 
Ahmad Taheri-Iraqi, BA (Teheran) Zandaqa in the early Abbasid period with special reference to the poetry.
Parinaz Shahnavaz, BA, MA, MSc (Teheran) The struggle for supremacy between the Zands and the Qajars, 1193-1209 AH/ 1779-1794 AD: a society in transition
Abdel-Majid Ibrahim Mahmoud Thalji, BA, MA (AUB) Structure and function in Arabic
Abdullatif Alwan Jawad Al-Jumaily, BA (Baghdad), MSc ‘A developmental study of the acquisition of certain syntactic features of English by Arabic-speaking learners’
Robert Leslie Wells, BA (Lond.) Jalal Ale Ahmad, writer and political activist
1983 Husain Abdulla Dhawwad Al-Dhawwad, BA (King Abdul Aziz) The An-Nukat Al-Hisan Fi Sharh Ghayat Al-Ihsan of Aby Hayyan An-Nahwi Al-Andalusi: a critical edition with an introductory study
Mesfer Raddah Abd al-Rahman Al-Harithi, BA (King Abdul Aziz) The al-Fara’id al-Wafiyya bi-Dhikr ma lam Tahwihi al-Alfiyya of al-Mansuri – a critical edition with a comparative study between it and the Alfiyya of Ibn Malik
Muhammad Al-Mahdi Muhammad, BA (Cairo) An inquiry into the Utilitarian tendencies in the ethics of Miskawayh
David Charles Nicolle, Bed, MA (Lond) The military technology of classical Islam
Bernard O’Kane, LLB (Queens, Belfast) Timurid architecture in Khurasan
Mohammad Suleman, BA, MA (Punjab, Lahore) The development of military intelligence in the career of the Prophet at Medina
Marzouk Sunitan Ibn Tenbak, BA (Riyadh) Tribalism and political change as reflected in the poetry of the early Umayyad period.
Mahmoud Abdullahzadeh, BSc (Iran) Iran’s foreign policy from the inception of the Second World War to the Azerbayijan Crisis
Ahmad Ibrahim Al-Fagih The Libyan Short Story
Widad Juma Laradi, BA (Libya), MA (Leeds) Pharyngealization in Libyan (Tripoli) Arabic; an instrumental study
Arssan Mussa Rashid, BA (Baghdad) The role of the Shurta in Early Islam

Fadl Ammar Saleh al-Ammary ad-Dousary, BA (Riyadh)

The Poetry of Taghlib
Philip Charles Sadgrove, MA The development of the Arabic periodical press and its role in the literary life of Egypt (1798-1882)
Sayed Hassan Zayed, BA, BA (Cairo) A pragmatic approach to Modality and the Modals: with application to literary Arabic
Mardini, Souran Fundamental religio-political concepts in the sources of Islam
1985 Qibla Ayaz, BA, MA (Peshawar) An unexploited source for the history of the Saljuqs: a translation of and critical commentary on the Akhbar al-dawlat al-Saljuqiyya
Fouzia Abdulaziz Mohsen Bukshaisha, BEd (Qatar) An experimental phonetic study of some aspects of Qatari Arabic
Suad Sid Ahmed Ali, BA, MA (Khartoum) Al-Suhayli’s contribution to the Sira  
Cheng Hsiang Hsu, BA (Nat. Chengchi, Taiwan) The first thirty years of Arabic printing in Egypt 1238-1267 (1822-1851): a bibliographical study with a checklist by title of Arabic printed works
Hussein Yousif Hussein, BA (Mosul) The Historical Novels of Walter Scott and Najib Mahfuz: a comparative study 
Durreshahwar Sayed, BA, MA (Karachi), MA (Sussex) The Poetry of Shah ‘Abd al-Latif: its Indian and Persian aspects
1986 Darwish Ghuloom Hussein Yousef Al-Amadidhi, Bed (Qatar) Lexical and sociolinguistic variation in Qatari Arabic
Zahida Chebchoub A sociolingustic study of the use of Arabic and French in Algiers
Abdullah Abd al-Aziz Drees, BA, MA (Riyadh) A critical edition of Tarikh al-Madinah by Al-Shaykh Qutb al-Din
Osman Mohammad Eid, BA, MA (AUB) The Khalwa as an Islamic educational institution in the Sudan
Abdullah Alwi Haji Hassan, BA (al-Azhar) Sales and contracts in early Islamic commercial law
Mohammad Farid Gamal El-Din Elshayyal, BSc, BA (Alex.), MA (Toronto) A critical edition of Volume II of Tarikh al-Duwal wa’l-Muluk by Muhammad b. ‘Abd al-Rahim b. ‘Ali ibn al-Furat
Abdul Rashid, MA (Bahalwalpur), Bed, MA (Punjab, Lahore) A translation and analysis of ‘Abd al-Jabbar’s critique of Trinitarian and Christological Doctrines.
1987 Haifa Abdulla Fadel Al-Buanain, BA, BEd (Qatar), MSc Second language acquisition of Arabic: the development of negation and interrogation among learners in the UK
Ghurmallah Abdallah Jali, BA (Riyadh), MA (Leeds) English proficiency in the Saudi Air Academy: validating a new test battery
1988 Iraj Emami, BA (Tehran) The evolution of traditional theatre and the development of modern theatre in Iran
Muhammad Bin Arifin, BA (Malaysia) (University of Edinburgh, 1988) The principles of ‘Umum and Takhsis in Islamic jurisprudence.
Arzina El-Nasir Lalani, BA (Karachi) The role of Imam Muhammad Al-Baqir in early Islam
Abd al-Rahman bin Awang, (University of Edinburgh, 1988), BA (Cairo), LLM (Temple) The status of the dhimmi in Islamic law
Mahmudu Naina Markiar Kamil Asad, BA (Medina), M. Litt Some aspects of the political and commercial history of the Muslims of Sri Lanka with special reference to the British Period
Abdul Fatah Bin Haji Khalid Teaching translation at the undergraduate level in Saudi Arabia: the case of Imam Muhammad Ibn Saud Islamic University
Fadzillah Bin Mohd Jamal, BA (Sains, Malaysia), MA (London) The reawakening of Islamic consciousness in Malaysia: 1970-1987
1989 Shona Findlay Wardrop, MA (St. And.) The lives of the Imams Muhammad al-Jawad and ‘Ali al-Hadi, and the development of the Shi’ite organisation
1990 Bustami Mohamed Said Mohamed, LLB (Khartoum), MA (Riyadh), The Islamic concept of Sovereignty
Juma Mikidadi Omari Mtupah, BA (Medina), MA (Riyadh), The theory of Al-Masalih Al-Mursalah in Islamic Law
Abdullah Abd Al-Muttalib Ali, BA, MA (Jordan), PhD (Manc.), The political poetry of Nizar Qabbani: a critical study and translation
1991 Amin, W. Mohammed Azam ibn Mohammed, BA (Malaysia National), An evaluation of the Qūt al-qulūb of Al-Makkī with an annotated translation of his Kitāb Al-Tawba
Abdullah Saud Al-Saud, BA (King Saud), Central Arabia during the early Hellenistic period with particular reference to site of al’Ayun in the area of al-Aflaj in Saudi Arabia
1992 Shirley Guthrie, MA (Aberd.), Everydaylife in the Near Easy: the evidence of the 7th/13th century illustrations of Al-Hariri’s Maqamat
Abdulmoomin Zakaria Ismael Sabbagh, BA (King Abdul Aziz), MA (Michigan), Adjective order in Arabic
Monia Bayar, MA (Tunis), MA (Salford), Intentionality in translation (with a special reference to Arabic/ English translation)
1993 Mohammad Khazer Saleh Al-Majali, BA, MA (Jordan), Ibn Qutaybah’s contribution to Qur’anic studies
Asiah Bt Yaacob, BA (Malaysia), The economic policies of the Prophet – with special reference to the alleviation of poverty
Abd El-Gadir Mohamed Ahmed, BA, MA (Khartoum), Some aspects of the Tafsir of Mujahid
1994 Ibrahim Mohammad Ibrahim, BA (Sudan), MA (Saudi Arabia), The testimony of witnesses and its role in Islamic criminal jurisprudence
Zainuddin Bin Jaffar, BA (Malaya), LLM (Lond.), The concept and application of Daman in Islamic Commercial Law
1995 Alison Sarah Wernberg-Moller, MA, A Socio-Linguistic Study of the Moroccan Community of Edinburgh
Syed Muhammad Dawilah Al-Edrus, Role of Kitab Jawi in the development of Islamic thought in the Malay Archipelago with special reference to Umm al-Barāhīn and the writings on the twenty attributes, Malaysia
Hikimuthulla Bin Mh Babu Sahib Sahib, BA, MA (Peshawar) A Study of Al-Sha’rani’s al-Mizan al-Kubra, India/Singapore
Ahmad Bashir Aziz The Islamic Managerial Alternative: An Analysis of Management Ethics with Reference to the Malaysian Experience
Mohammad Redzuan Othman, BA (Malaya), MA (Lond.) The Middle Eastern Influence on the Development of Religious and Political Thought in Malay Society 1880-1940
Kamaruzzaman Bin Yusoff, BA (Kebangsaan), M. Litt History of Ottoman Egypt in the Seventeenth Century: some unpublished sources
Ana Maria Echeverria Arsuaga, LIC (Madrid) The fortress of faith: the perception of Muslims in fifteenth century Spain
Mohamad Akram Laldin The Theory and Application of ‘Urf in Islamic Law, Malaysia
1996 Hazizan Md Noon, BA (Malaya), MTh (Lond.) Development and Social Change in Malaysia during the Mahathir Administration 1981-1992: a comparative sociological study with particular emphasis on their impact on the Muslim society
Byoung Joo Hah, MA (Hankuk, Korea) Al-Farabi’s Political Theory
Jamal Fouad El-Attar, Lebanon The Political Thought of al-Jāḥiẓ with Special Reference to the Question of Khilafa (Imamate)
Che Omar Bin Haji Awang, BA (Malaysia), MPhil (St. And) The Methodology of Teaching in Islam, with Special Reference to the Traditional Educational Methods in Malaysia
Abdul Karim Ali, BS (Malaysia) Al-Shafi’i’s contribution to Ḥadīth with an Annotated Translation of his Work Jima’ Al-‘Ilm
Bin Mohamad Zaid, LLB (Kuwait), LLM (Kent) Al-Juwayni’s Doctrine of the Imamate, Malaysia
Ahmad Bin Che Yaacob, BA (Malaya) The Development of the Institution of Ḥisbah in Medieval Islam, with Special Treatment of the Work of Yaḥyā Ibn ‘Umar (d. 289/901)
Ahmad Shah Noor, BA (NU, Malaysia), MA (Temple) Land administration in Malaysia
Zulkiple B. Abd Ghani, BA (Kebangsaan) Diffusion of Daw’ah through Broadcasting Media: The Experience of Radio Television Malaysia
Nadia Rahab, BA (Algiers), MA (Warwick) Translating the Qur’an into English: problems of discourse
1997 Mohamad Som Bin Sujimon, BA (Al-Azhar), MA (Mississippi) The Problems of doubtful parenthood (Nasab) relating to children in Islamic law
Mehmet Ali Buyukkara, BA, MA (Marmara, Istanbul) The Imāmī-Shī‘ī Movement in the Time of Mūsā al-Kāẓim and ‘Alī al-Riḍā 
Kaya Tuncer Caglayan, BA (Ondokuz Mayis, Turkey), MA (Manc.) British Policy towards Transcaucasia 1917-1921
Joni Tamkin Borhan, BS, MS (Malaysia) The Doctrine and Application of Partnership in Islamic Commercial Law with Special Reference to Malaysian Experiments in Islamic Banking and Finance
Mohamed Mohamed Ali, BA, MA (Al-Fatih) Elements of the Pragmatic thinking in the Principles of Islamic Jurisprudence, with Special Reference to Medieval Sunni Legal Theorists’ Model of Textual Communication
Abdul Basir Mohamad, BA (Nat. Malaysia) The Islamic Law of Tort
Nasimah Hussin Discretionary Punishment in Islamic Law with Special Reference to the Shariah courts of Malaysia
Daniel Scott Feins, BA (Maine) Wine and Islam. The Dichotomy between Theory and Practice in Early Islamic History
Abd Qader (Khalifa) Al-Marzooqi, BA, MSc (Al Azhar) Structuralism in Modern Arabic Criticism
1998 Isham Pawan Ahmad, BSc (Illinois), MA (Chicago) The epistemology of revelation and reason: two medieval Islamic views: Al-Farabi and Al-Ghazali
Adel Salem Al-Abdul Jader, BA (Kuwait) Studies in the History and Thought of the Ismā‘īlī States in Medieval Yemen
Che Zarrina Sa’ari, BA, MA (Malaya) A Study of Some Works of Ṣūfism commonly attributed to al-Ghazālī
Fareed Yaqoob Y.M. Al-Muftah, MA (Imam Sa’ud Islamic) The sources of Al-Tabari’s Tafsir: an analytical study of the Isnads in his commentary on Surat Al-Fatiha and Surat Al-Baqara
Amir Husin Mohd Nor, BS (Malaya) The concept of Jihad according to Sayyid Qutb in his Fi Zilal Al-Qur’an
William James Donaldson, MA (Edin), PhD (Dunelm) Sharecropping in the Yemen: a study in Islamic Theory, Custom and Pragmatism
Ayman Abdullah Hamid Habis, BA, MA (King Abdulaziz) Emphatic assimilation in classical and modern standard Arabic: An experimental approach to Qur'anic recitation
1999 Haci Mustafa Eravci, BA, MA (Selcuk), Mustafa Ali’s Nusret-name with the exception of the section dealing with the rebuilding of the fortress of Kars. Edition and study of the history of the Persian Campaign under Lala Mustafa Pasa
Simin Abrahams, MA A Historiographical/ historical Study and Annotated Translation of Volume 2 of the Afzal Tavārīkh by Fażlī Khūzānī al-Iṣfahānī 
Ginette Anderson, UK Women in Arabia from 500-600CE: their role in tribal conflict from both social and religious perspectives
Jeffrey William John Kemp, NZ, BSc (Otago) Informal Islamic leadership in a Bangladeshi village
Yusuf Abdullah Mohammed Al-Ghailany, MA  (Dunelm) Sayyid Turki B Said: attempts and challenges in Ruling Oman 1871-1888 with especial reference to the Dhows crisis 1890-1905
Khalid Khalfan Al-Wahaibi, MLitt The Development of the Mamluk land tenure in Egypt from 697/1297 to 882/1477
Ali Omar Abdullah Al-Abadi Al-Rawas, BA (Jordan) The Gulf Co-operation Council: security, boundaries, and political issues
Lama Khalid Al-Mahadin, BA (Jordan), MSc (H-W) The word and the image: translating children’s literature from English into Arabic
Azhar Mohd Nasir, BSc (Malaya), MSc (Golden Gate) Development of the secular and religious taxation system in Malaysia
2000 Jamal Mohamed Giaber, MA, MPhil (Al-Fatih, Libya) Translating derivational suffixes in Linguistics terminology from English into Arabic Libyan 
Ammar Fadzil, MLitt (St. And.), BA (al-Azhar) The Concept of Ḥukm in the Qur’ān
Hassan Basri Bin Awang Mat Dahan, BA (Kuwait), M.LItt (St. And) The Construction and Validation of an Arabic Placement test to first year students at the University of Malaya
Ahmad Salman Ahmad Al-Faifi Teaching translation at the undergraduate level in Saudi Arabia: the case of Imam Muhammad Ibn Saud Islamic University
Muhammad Tahir Muhammad Ibrahim The Ibadi constitutional thought
Md Khalil Ruslan, BS (Malaysia), MCL (Int. Islamic Malaysia) Hawadith Tari’a in Islamic Commercial Law
Edward Boyd Thomas, MA (St And.) Mahmud Muhammed Taha: his life in the Sudan
Fareed Mohammed Hadi Abdulqader Ibn Ḥazm’s Methodology of Jahāla in his Book al-Muḥallā
Amjad Hussain Shah, UK Concept of Ijmāʻ in Imāmī Shīʻī Uṣūl Al-Fiqh
Michael Patrick Donovan, BA (Calif.) Political intelligence, American policy, and the Shah of Iran: 1950-1979
2001 Mohammad Qasem Al-Hamad, MA (Yarmouk, Jordan) Translation and censorship with special reference to Jordan
Abdullah Mausallam Al-Hashmi, BEd, MEd (Sultan Qaboos) Teaching literary texts at the secondary stage in the Sultanate of Oman: planning and practice
Aikaterini Dimitriadou, Greece, (BA Crete) The Heşt Behişt of Idris Bidlisi: the reign of Bayezid II (1481-1512)
Sulaiman Ali Amer Al-Shuaily, BA (Sultan Qaboos), MA (Jordan) Ibadi Tafsir with special reference to the Tafsirs of Hud al-Huwwari and Sa’id ibn Ahmad Al-Kindi
Calum Angus Macleod, MA (Glasg.) The End of British Rule in South Arabia, 1959-1967
Asyraf Hj Ab Rahman, BA (Malaysia), MA (Leeds) The Concept of Social Justice as Found in Sayyid Qutb’s Fī Ẓilāl al-Qur’ān
Talal Abdullah Malosh, BA (Islamic), MPhil (Al-Imam) Early Hadith literature & theory of Ignaz Goldziher