Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies

PhD Graduates 1927-1980

Prior to the establishment of IMES in 1981, students working on Islamic and Middle Eastern topics could be formally enrolled in a number of departments. Below are all relevant PhDs from the Faculty of Arts (unless otherwise noted).

Year Name Thesis title
1927 James Robertson Buchanan Muhammad’s Idea of the last judgement and its sources
Cranston Earl Goddard The origin of the Semitic alphabet
1929 Arthur Jeffrey, MA, BD (Melbourne) The Foreign Vocabulary of the Qur’an [Divinity]

William Montgomery Watt, MA (Edin), B.Litt (Oxon)

Free will and predestination in early Islam
1949 J. Christy Wilson, BA (Princeton) Muhammad’s Prophetic Office as Portrayed in the Qur’an [Divinity]
Majid Fakhry, MA (Beirut) Causality in Al-Ghazali, Averroes and Aquinas
1950 Mohamed El-Alaie Ali, BA (Fouad) The Influence of the Egyptian Environment on the Arabic Language, with special reference to the ‘Diwan’ of Bayram At-Tonosi, Part 2
1951 Pierre Jacques Elie Cachia, BA (AUC) Taha Husayn, His Place in the Egyptian Literary Renaissance
Yousef Salah Eldin Namek, MCom (Fouad) The Social and Economic Aspects of the Problem of Population in Egypt
1952 Sidney Fitzgerald Collins, BA (McMaster) MA ‘Moslem’ and ‘Negro’ Groupings in Tyneside: A comparative study of Social Integration in terms of Intra-group and Inter-group Relations
Abdel-Razek Mohamed Hassan, BCom (Fouad) A Comparative Study of Income Taxes in Britain, Egypt and France
1953 Abdin Mahmoud Dajani BA (Beirut) The polemics of the Qur’an against Jews and Christians [Divinity]
James Grant Suttie Stewart Thomson, MA, BD (Edin) BA (Oxford) The Doctrine of Man in the Qur’an [Divinity]
Mohamed Abdel Rahman Bisar, PhD (Al Azhar) Al-Juwayni and Al-Ghazali as Theologians with special reference to Al-Irshad and Al-Iqtisad
El-Kamil El-Sayed Mohammed El-Bagir, BA (Cairo) Al-Ghazali’s Philosophy of Education with special reference to Al Ihya Book 1

Sylvia Gourgi Kedourie (nee Haim)

The Ideas of a Precursor, Abd al-Rahman al-Kawakibi (1849-1902), in Relation to the trend of Muslin-Arab Political Thought
1954 Mohamed Fathalla El-Khatib, BCom (Cairo) The Working of Parliamentary Institutions in Egypt, 1924-1952 [Political Science]

Samha Amin Al Kholy, Mus. Bac (Cairo)

The Function of Music in Islamic Culture (in the period up to 1100 AD)

Charles Pennyman Worsley, MA

The Composition of Ibn al-Athir’s History of the Crusades, AH 490-516 − AD 1097-1122

Mohamed Gamal Eldin Eleish, BCom (Cairo)

A Comparative Study of Housing Methods and Policy in Britain and Egypt since the First World War

Daoud Abdo Daoud, BA (Alex)

Christian architecture and architectural decoration in Egypt up to the Arab Conquest

Emel Dogramaci, Lic English Lit (Ankara)

George Eliot and emancipation: a Turkish view

Mohiuddin Mohammed Ibrahim Momin, MA (Bombay)

The Mughal contribution to Persian epistolography (from Babur 1526 to Shah Jahan 1658)

Najah Attar, L. es L (Syria)

Abu’l-Atahiya: his life and his poetry

Saleh Hadi El-Shamma, MA (Cairo)

The ethical system underlying the Qur’an

Hassan Mahmoud Mohamed Ibrahim, BCom (Cairo)

The development and performance of the Egyptian income tax system

Fawkia Hussein Mahmoud, BA (Cairo)

Al-Juwayni and his doctrine of the origination of the world

Clifford Edmund Bosworth, MA (Oxon), MA (Edin)

The transition from Ghaznavid to Seljuq rule in the Islamic East

Harold Spencer

A study of the dependence upon al-Ghazali’s Ihya of the Introduction and the first two ‘pillars’ of the Persian Kimiya-i-Sa’adat

Ali Ahmed Suliman, BSc (Khartoum)

Income stabilization policies for the cotton producers in the Sudan [Social Sciences]

Ghazi Rajab Mohammad BA (Baghdad)

The minaret and its relationship to the mosque in early Islam

Avril Mary Makhlouf, BA (Lond)

The doctrine of the Trinity in certain early Arabic Christian writers, with special reference to the influence of the Islamic environment

Saadoun Naji Al-Kishtaini, Lic-en-Droit (Baghdad)

A comparative study on the Insurance Laws in Iraq [Law]

Isa Salman Hamid BA (Baghdad)

The Mesopotamian School of Painting

Moufid Mohammad Nouri, BA (Baghdad)

The scholars of Nishapur, 700-1250

Robert Charles Stade, BA, BD (Concordia Sem.)

Al-Ghazali’s Al-Maqsad Al-Asna and the concept of God in Islam [Arabic]

Ghassan Rayih Atiyyah BA (Beirut)

Iraq: a study in political consciousness, 1908-1921 [Social Science]

Tahir Muzzafar Al-Amid MA (Baghdad)

The Abbasid Architecture of Samarra in the reign of both al-Mutasim and al-Mutawakkil

Khaja Gholam Aghar BA (Calcutta), MA, LLB (Dacca)

The Role of the nobility during early Turkish rule in India 1210-1266

Faiza Fouad El-Shafie BA (Ain Shams)

The Gazeliyat of the 17th Century Ottoman poet, Nabi

Nasir Elseed Mohamed, MA (Khartoum)

Modern Education in the Sudan 1898-1965

Mine Özoğul, BA (Ankara)

The Divan of the 15th century Ottoman poet Mesīhī

Abdur Rauf Khan, MA (Punjab, Lahore)

The doctrine of creation in Al-Ghazali and Ibn Rushd with special reference to the two Tahafuts and Al-Maqasid’

Elhiber Yousif Nur Eldaym, BA (Khartoum)

The charge of Shi’ism against at-Tabari with special reference to his Tafsir

Hasan Muhammad al-Fatih Qariballah, BA (Cairo) MA (Khartoum)

The influence of al-Ghazali upon Islamic jurisprudence and philosophy with special reference to the period 1100-1400AD

Alford Tolbert Welch, BA (Oklahoma) BD (Southern Bapt. Theol. Sem.) MA (Hartford)

The Pneumatology of the Qur’an: a study of Phenomenology

Amin Mekki Medani, LLB (Khartoum), LLM (Lond.)

The Sudan Law of Homicide with comparative reference to Scots and English Law [Law]

Joseph Peter Kenny, MA (Aquinas)

Muslim Theology as presented by M. b Yusuf as-Sanusi – especially in his al-‘Aqida al-Wusta

Ian Joseph Cairns, MA, BD (NZ)

The role of theophany in the formation of scripture, in early Israel and in the Qur’an [Divinity]

Muhammad Osman Abusaq, BA (Khartoum), MA (Abderd.)

The politics of the Mihna under al-Ma’mun and his successor [Divinity]

Aziz Fahim, BA (Cairo), Th. M (Louisville Theol. Sem.)

Righteousness in the Epistle to the Romans and the Qur’an: a comparative study [Divinity]

Bahjat Kamil Al-Tikriti BA (Baghdad), MA (McGill)

The struggle for power in the ‘Abbasid Caliphate between 247/861 and 256/870

Mehmet Aydin

The term Sa‘ada in the selected works of al-Farabi and al-Ghazali

Mahassin Abdel Gadir Hag El-Safi BA (Khartoum), M. Litt

The Somalis in the East Africa Protectorate and Kenya Colony: 1895-1963

Aziz Abdulmohammed Esmail, BA (Makere)

Satpanth Ismailism and modern changes within it, with special reference to East Africa

Mustafa Mohammed Abdel-Majid, BA (AUB)

The role of English education in the Sudan

Abdallah Salih Al-Uthaymin, BA (Riyadh)

Muhammad Ibn ‘Abd al-Wahhab: the man and his works

Bankole Ajibabi Omotoso BA (Ibadan)

Ali Ahmad Ba-Kathir, a contemporary conservative Arab writer – an appraisal of his main plays and novels

Adil Najim Abbu, MA (Baghdad)

The Ayyubid domed buildings of Syria, 3 vols

Muhammad Abul Quasem, MA (Dacca)

Al-Ghazali’s ethics

Muhammad Al-Aroosi Abdul Qadir BA (Mecca), M. Litt

The reception and development of Malikite legal doctrine in the western Islamic world

‘Abdallah Hamid Al-Hiyed, BA (Riyadh)

Relations between the Yaman and South Arabia during the Zaydi Imamate of Al al-Qasim 1626-1732

Naji Hasan Hadi MA (Baghdad)

The role of the Arab tribes in the East during the period of the Umayyads (40/660-132/749)

John Duncan Haldane, MA

A Hariri manuscript and its relevance to Mamluk painting

Ahmet Ugur

The reign of Sultan Selim I in the light of the Selim-name literature

Ali Ugur

The Ottoman ulema in the mid-17th century: an analysis of the Vaka’i’ü ‘l-Fuzala of Mehmed Seyhi Ef.

Abd al-Rahman Mahmud Al-Gailani, BA (Baghdad)

The origins of Islamic art and the role of China

Farouq Omar Abdallah Al-Omar BA, (Kuwait)

The doctrines of the Maturidite school with special reference to As-Sawad al-A’zam of al-Hakim as-Samarqandi

Colin Davies, MA

British oil policy in the Middle East, 1919-1932

Syed Muhammad Hasan-Uz-Zaman, MA (Agra) MA (Karachi)

The economic functions of the Islamic state (to the end of the Umayyad period)

Imtiaz Ahmad, MA, LLB (Allahabad)

The significance of Sunna and Hadith and their early documentation

Tariq Jawad Al-Janabi, BA (Baghdad)

Studies in medieval Iraqi architecture

Abdallah Sulayman Al-Jarbu, BA (King Abdul-Aziz)

Martial poetry in Mecca and Medina in thelate pre-Islamic and early Islamic periods

Ali Ahmed Mohamed Babiker BA (Omdurman) MLitt

The place of reason among the ‘roots’ of Islamic jurisprudence

Michael Cavanagh, BA (Leeds)

On the structure of a formal grammar of literary Arabic

James Frederick Gould, BA (Toronto) MA (AUC)

A study of Two Rivalries in the UMMA (1-11AH) and their implication for the interpretation of the Sira literature

Besheer Mohammad Osman Hageltom, BA (Khartoum) MA (Sheffield)

Moral education in Islamic society as ideally conceived

Ahmed Mohamed Ahmad El-Galli, BA (Omdurman), M. Litt

The place of reason in the theology of al-Maturidi and al-Ash’ari

Mehmet Ipsirli

Mustafa Selaniki’s History of the Ottomans

Mohamed Ali Mohamed Shukri BA (Ceylon)

The mystical doctrine of the Abu Talib al-Makki as found in his book Qut al-qulub

Mohmed Osman Salih, BA (Omdurman) MLitt

Mahdism in Islam up to 260AH/874 AD and its relation to Zoroastrianism, Jewish and Christian Messianism

Abdullahi Ahmed El-Naiem, LLB (Khartoum)

Basic issues of Sudanese pre-trial criminal procedure in the light of English, Scottish and American practice [Law]

Muhammad Jawad Hasan Hashim Al-Musawi, BA (Baghdad), MA (Alex)

The philosophical problem of the relation between reason and revelation in the thought of the Qadi ‘Abd al-Jabbar

James Norman Gehlhar, BA (Wisconsin)

A stylistic analysis of the development of literary Persian and Turkish as seen in versions of Kalila wa-Dimna, The Fables of Bidpay

Anita Emilia Fedinand Damiani, MA (AUB)

British travel attitudes to the Near East in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries

Ismail Erol Erünsal

The life and works of Taci-zade Ca’fer Çelebi with a critical edition of his Divan

Mahmud Ramyar, PhD (Teheran)

Shaykh Tusi, The life and works of a Shi’ite leader

Joseph Givony, BA (Baghdad)

The Murji’a and the theological school of Abu Hanifa, A historical and ideological study

Abd ar-Rahman Mahmud Hafiz, BA (Shari’a College, Mecca)

The Life of az-Zuhri and his scholarship in Quranic sciences and tradition (Hadith and Sunna)

Lutfi Ibrahim, BA (Baghdad)

The theological questions at issue between az-Zamakhshari and al-Baydawi with special reference to al-Kashshaf and Anwar at-Tanzil

Dona Sue Straley, BA (Ohio State)

Perspective and method in early Islamic historiography: a study of al-Tabari’s Ta’rikh al-Rusul wa’l-Muluk

Khalil Ibrahim Mohammed Al-Kassab, BSc (Baghdad)

A comparative history of industrial relations in Iraq, Egypt and Syria [Social Sciences]

Muhammad Abd ar-Rahman Al-Hadlac BA (Riyadh), M Litt

Diya ad-Din Ibn Al-Athir and his contribution to the science of rhetoric

M’Hammad M’Hammad Benaboud, BA (USIU)

A political and social history of Seville under Banu ‘Abbad

Abd al-Rahim Ali Mohamed Ibrahim BA (Khartoum)

The literary structure of the Quranic verse (ĀYA)

Zahida Said Al-Salihi, BA (Baghdad)

The career of ‘Abdallah Ibn az-Zubayr with special reference to the period 61-73/680-692

Yousif Omer Babiker, BA (Cairo)

The Al-Fajr movement and its place in modern Sudanese literature

William Elliott, BA (Nebraska) MA (Creighton)

The career of Ibn Qasi as religious teacher and political revolutionary in 12th century Islamic Spain

Christopher Gaspare Ferrard, MA (Edin) MA (Wisconsin)

Ottoman contributions to Islamic rhetoric

Carole Hillenbrand, MA (Oxon), MA (Cantab.)

The history of the Jazira 1100-1150: the contribution of Ibn al-Azraq al-Fariqi

Pita Heseltine, MA

Romanticism and symbolism in the poetry of Badr Shakir As-Sayyab

Jassim Muhawi Hussain, BA (Basrah), MA (Baghdad)

The historical background of the occultation of the twelfth Sh’ite Imam

Christine Mary Woodhead, BA (Oxon)

The Sehname-i-Humayun of Ta’liki-zade Mehmed Effendi on the Ottoman campaign into Hungary in 1593-4: a critical edition of the text with introduction and annotation.

Salsal Muhammad Al-Ani, BA (Baghdad)

The early representation of the Prophet Muhammad with special reference to the mi’raj scenes

Muhammad Salih Al-Tasan, BA (Riyadh)

A critical edition of Al-Araj al-Miski fi t-Tarikh al-Makki, by ‘Ali b. ‘Abd al-Qadir at-Tabari, together with an introduction to the work and its author

Yasin Ceylan

Theology and Tafsir in the major works of Fakhr al-Din al-Razi

Nezam-Mafi Ettehadieh, MA (Mansoureh)

Origin and development of political parties in Persia 1906-1911

Mohammad Waris Hassan-Naqavi

A critical study of Nahj al-Balagha

Muhammad Siddique Khalid Alavi, BA, MA (Punjab, Lahore)

Al-Lari’s commentary to the Arba’un an-Nawawi: a critical edition with introduction

Iraj Tanhatan Nasseri, BA (Teheran)

The Muhajir

Ali Asghar Halabi, BA (Teheran)

The development of humour and satire in Persia with special reference to ‘Ubaid Zakani’

Ahmad al-Tayyib Muhammad al-Fatih Qariballah, BA (Omdurman)

The Washy al-Hulal of Abu-‘l-‘Abbas al-Labli: a critical edition with an introductory study

Umsalama Mohammed Salih, MSc (Khartoum)

The political thought of Ibn Taymiyya