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English Literature Work-in-Progress Seminar Series

Work in Progress is a series of seminars run by the English Literature Department at Edinburgh University.

The seminars provide the opportunity for postgraduate students to present chapter ideas and potential conference papers in a relaxed and friendly, yet academically constructive, environment. This year we are alternating weeks with the LLC Works in Progress Seminar Series. Accordingly, our seminar series takes place every second Wednesday, at 5.15pm in room G.02, 19 George Square. Papers usually last for about 20 minutes (but may be shorter or longer). For more information about the paper being given each week please see our Facebook group (link below). Seminars cover a diverse range of topics and are always followed by engaging and thought provoking discussion. The 'Work in Progress' team also organises the annual departmental retreat for PhD students and staff, which takes place in the springtime at the university's Firbush Centre.

 The co-conveners of the seminar series for 2016-2017 are Amos Abrahams, Jim Benstead, James Gilbert, Niki Holzapfel, Harriet MacMillan, and Bridget Moynihan."

English Literature Work in Progress Seminar Series

English Literature WIP Co-conveners

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Semester 1, 2016-17 Seminar dates:  

  • Wednesday 28th September
  • Wednesday 12th October
  • Wednesday 26th October
  • Wednesday 9th November
  • Wednesday 23rd November
  • Wednesday 7th December  

Semester 2, 2016-17 Seminar dates:

18th January – Gina Maya “And God Made Lili Elbe: the uneasy relationship between trans identity and its Adam and Eve”

1 February -  Richard Elliott "Writing Across Cultural Boundaries: William Styron's The Confessions of Nat Turner."

15 February - Olivia Ferguson “Historicising Austen’s ‘Caricatures’”

8 March – Dom Hale ''Again is the sacred word': J.H. Prynne's 'Thoughts on the Esterházy Court Uniform' and Wordsworth''

22nd March – Jo Wilson "Decimated identities: Mental Illness and the Politics of Credibility in 1960s American Fiction" 

5 April – Two Presentations: Kate Lewis Hood "'A fog so thick covered us that we could scarcely see': Reading Caroline Bergvall's Drift in the Anthropocene" and Ryan Edwards “The Edwardian and the Everyday”

19 April – Robyn Pritzker "The Victorious Vandegrifter: New Findings in the Stevensons' Literary Legacy"