Postgraduate study

Library access

If you are a student who has submitted their thesis but still has the viva and corrections to do, this may apply to you if you have gone past your maximum end date.

You may find that you no longer have access to the university library as our systems think that you have finished your studies.

Until a more permanent solution within our systems can be found, in order to maintain library access you will need to obtain a reference card. This will give you access to the library and can be obtained by doing the following:

  1. Visit
  1. Filling in the online form (this can be done at a library kiosk)
  2. Going to the helpdesk in the library along with
    1. Photographic ID
    2. Proof of current address (dated within 3 months)
    3. A current passport-style photograph
  3. 1 year for non-graduated students
    1. 3 years for graduated students

No letter from the school is required and you will have access whenever the library is open.