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Establish your professional digital footprint by setting up a profile on the University of Edinburgh website.

Why set up a profile on the University website?

All PhD students at the University of Edinburgh are encouraged to have a profile on the University of Edinburgh website.

Your profile page is all about you and is a part of the University website that you can set up directly, and update yourself, over your time with us.

As an online asset, with a place to talk about your research interests, expertise and thesis, and any teaching you do, your profile page is a useful digital footprint when establishing yourself as an early career researcher in a global community. 

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How to set up a profile on the University website

The University has wiki guidance on how to set up and edit your profile.

For maximum visibility on the School of Literatures, Languages and Cultures (LLC) website, PhD students in LLC are asked to do four key things when following the guidance:

  1. Check the box under ‘profile user’ that says Create a PhD student profile.
  2. In the ‘Individual and organisation tab’, put the name of your PhD programme (e.g. Chinese, English Literature, German etc.) as Organisation 1 and School of Literatures, Languages and Cultures as Organisation 2.
  3. In addition to the fields marked as mandatory, please try and complete all the fields in the ‘PhD details’ tab as a minimum. Everything else is a bonus!
  4. Remember to publish your profile. Tip - you can only do this after you’ve saved it once.

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Contact website support if you are having problems setting up or editing a profile

Where your profile will appear

It is really useful for prospective and current students to see who is researching what on a particular PhD programme, or in one or more subject areas.

When you set up a University profile, please let us know and we will add your name and a link to your profile to the relevant part(s) of our School website.

Let us know you have published your profile

All information on the School website is published in line with the University’s Privacy Policy. You can ask for your name and link to your profile to be removed at any time.

If you want to remove your profile from the University website, you also need to unpublish it.

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Find out how to unpublish a profile

How to manage your digital footprint

A profile is a great thing to have, but to make the most out of it, you need to keep it up to date.

As an online asset, it is searchable and findable by people all over the world, so manage it as you would all the digital footprints you leave online.

The Institute for Academic Development at the University has a great range of resources on how to understand and manage your online presence and develop skills in eProfessionalism.

These include videos, guides and a free online course (MOOC).

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