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Interruptions of Study

What to do if you are unable to study for a period of time and need an Authorised Interruption of Study (AIS).

Authorised Interruption of Study

An Authorised Interruption of Study (AIS) is available for PhD students in the School of Literatures, Languages and Cultures (LLC) who are unable to study for a period of time. 

This may be because of health or family matters for example, and you should notify your supervisor as soon as the need for an interruption arises.

Following discussion with your supervisor, you are responsible for completing and submitting a form to request the interruption. You should contact the LLC Postgraduate Research Support Office to ask for this form.

Contact the LLC PGR Support Office to request an AIS form

Your completed Authorised Interruption of Study form should be returned to the LLC Postgraduate Research Support Office, together with the following:

  • Medical evidence (if appropriate)
  • Statement of support from your Supervisor
  • Return to Study Plan (this should outline how you intend to proceed with your studies upon return)

Interruptions will be authorised when there is good reason. Examples of what is considered good reason are given in the University Policy on Authorised Interruption of Study. The Policy also provides information on important considerations and where to find further advice.

Authorised Interruption of Study Policy

The potential impact of an AIS 

An Authorised Interruption of Study (AIS):

  • will extend the point at which you are expected to complete your programme of study.
  • may affect any funding that you receive, either for payment of fees or for maintenance dependant on the source of that funding.  You should contact your funding body or sponsor for further advice on how your plans may affect your funding or sponsorship.
  • may affect your fees. As tuition fees increase every year, you may be charged a higher fee on your return to study in a future academic session.
  • may affect your eligibly for exemption from Council Tax.  For advice on how your specific plans may impact you, please contact
  • will not affect your access to University Library facilities.
  • may affect your visa. Students who are visa holders must seek advice from Student Immigration Services when requesting an Interruption of Study for more than 60 days.

Contact Student Immigration Services

Student maternity and parental leave

Students who are pregnant, about to become a parent or guardian, or who adopt a child during their study should let their supervisor know so that they can provide academic advice.

Flexible arrangements, such as time off, modifications to attendance or interruption of study, can be put in place to support students who are to become parents.

More information is available in the University's Student Maternity and Family Leave Policy.

Student Maternity and Family Leave Policy