Postgraduate study

Student-Staff Liaison Committee

Each programme is asked to appoint a representative who will sit on the Student-Staff Liaison Committee.

Edinburgh University Students' Association coordinates student representation and provides training and support for student representatives across the University.
Student representatives listen to the students on a programme or within a subject area to identify areas for improvement, suggest solutions, and ensure that students' views inform strategic decisions within the University, building a stronger academic community and improving student life. All Schools facilitate communication between student representatives and the students they represent.

The Postgraduate Office will coordinate selection of representatives for the academic year in Semester 1. The Student-Staff Liaison Committee of these representatives and relevant staff will meet once per semester, usually by department or subject areas. Student representatives are encouraged to canvas the students on their programme before each meeting of the Committee. Minutes from the meetings are made available online.

SSLC Minutes

If you have an issue that is very specific to your programme or a course, you are recommended to contact your programme director or course organiser as appropriate in the first instance. If you have concerns that affect students across the School that you would like the Student-Staff Liaison Committee to address, please contact your programme's student representative. Your student representative has been provided with contact details of the students that they will be representing. If you are unsure who is the student representative for your programme, please contact the Postgraduate Office.