Postgraduate study

Attendance & Engagement

As a student at the University of Edinburgh, you are responsible for attending and engaging with your programme of study.

We monitor the engagement of students on our courses and programmes and this allows us to identify and offer help to those who may be experiencing difficulties.  Failure to adequately engage can have a negative impact on your studies, and may ultimately lead to exclusion. There are additional and particular requirements for sponsored Tier 4 students – see below for further information.

You may at times experience difficulties which affect your studies (i.e. academic, personal, health).  On these occasions it is crucial that you contact your Personal Tutor/ Student Support Office (for taught students) or your Supervisor/ Postgraduate Office (for research students) at the earliest opportunity in order to be advised on the best course of action.  Early intervention is best, so you are strongly encouraged to come forward if and when you need help.  Be assured that all staff are here to help and aim to offer you appropriate support or guidance as needed.

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School  Escalation Policy

The school will regularly review your engagement, if we find cause for concern then we will take the actions outlined below, these actions are known as ‘escalation points’. If your levels of engagement improve over subsequent reviews then we may not take all of the steps outlined:

  • Escalation Point 1: An informal email from the Student Support Office/PGR Senior Administrator offering assistance if needed and a reminder of your responsibilities to attend and engage with your studies.
  • Escalation Point 2: A more formal email from the Student Service Coordinator/PG Academic Services Coordinator, with a requirement to respond providing details of how you plan to address your pattern of non-engagement.
  • Escalation Point 3: A formal email from the Postgraduate Director/Senior Tutor.
  • Escalation Point 4: A referral to the CAHSS Postgraduate Dean.  This may result in exclusion as per the following policy:


Obligations on Tier 4 Students

As a Tier 4 student visa holder, it is your responsibility to comply with the conditions of your visa.  Failure to follow these conditions will result in the University reporting you to the UKVI, a consequence of which will be the cancellation of your visa and withdrawal from the University of Edinburgh. More information can be found at the following page:

Rights, responsibilities and restrictions