Postgraduate study

Quality assurance

Ensuring the quality of our teaching and research is an important consideration for both the School of Literatures, Languages and Cultures and the University of Edinburgh as a whole.

The School complies with the quality guidelines of the broader University, and in doing so identifies feedback on the student experience as being an essential part of quality assurance. This feedback is used to enhance the quality of current courses and degree programmes as well as the wider educational experience.

You will find more information on the University's approach to quality assurance on the Quality Assurance and Enhancement website:

Quality Assurance and Enhancement

The Graduate School collects student feedback through the following:

Student-Staff Liaison Committee

Each programme is asked to appoint a representative who will sit on the Graduate School student-staff liaison committee. Representation on school postgraduate committees will be drawn from this pool. The Graduate School student-staff liaison committee will meet once per semester and will normally be chaired by the Postgraduate Director.

Some subject areas within the School may also hold their own student-staff liaison committees. These will also ordinarily have one meeting per semester. If applicable, details of these committees will be circulated to you by your subject area.

Student Representation on School Committees

Student representatives are invited to regular meetings of the School Postgraduate Committees:

Board of Studies

Postgraduate Management Committee

MSc Programme Directors Committee

Course questionnaires

At the end of each semester, students are asked to complete a course questionnaire for each course they take. Courses delivered by other Schools may make different arrangements for the completion of these questionnaires, but in the School of Literatures, Languages and Cultures, these will generally be distributed by email.

Students will be asked to complete a questionnaire electronically, which is administered by the Student Surveys unit. The results are then converted into an electronic format and results are reviewed by course organisers electronically. The course questionnaires are treated anonymously.

Programme questionnaires

Students are be asked to complete a programme evaluation form to be returned alongside their dissertation. This form is designed to allow the School to evaluate the success of a programme as a whole, and to gather feedback on the dissertation process. The surveys are circulated and processed in the same way as the course questionnaires and are treated anonymously.

Student experience surveys

Students are also strongly encouraged to complete the University's student experience surveys such as the National Student Survey, the Postgraduate Taught Experience Survey and the Postgraduate Research Experience Survey.