Postgraduate study


An overview of the progression requirements for taught students in the School of Literatures, Languages and Cultures.


The general progression requirements for Taught students are available in the Taught Assessment Regulations. You will find details of progression requirements in the Degree Programme Table for your degree. The general progression requirements are outlined below.

Information on the release of progression results (including the expected publication date) can be found on the Postgraduate Results page.

For students on the following programmes, there are additional requirements (please see the Programme-Specific Handbook for MSc Taught Students and Personal Tutors): Chinese Studies, Translation Studies, Advanecd Arabic, Middle Eastern Studies with Arabic and Middle Eastern Studies with Advanced Arabic.


The progression regulation is as follows (Regulation 56):

For programmes where there is an identifiable taught component followed by a project or dissertation component, students must pass the assessment requirements of the taught stage at an appropriate level at the first attempt before progression to the dissertation. In order to progress to the masters dissertation students must: (a) pass at least 80 credits with a mark of at least 50% in each of the courses which make up these credits; and (b) attain an average of at least 50% for the 120 credits of study examined at the point of decision for progression; and (c) satisfy any other specific requirements for the masters degree programme, that are clearly stated in respective programme handbooks. When all the marks for the taught components of the programme (120 credits) are available, if the student has achieved PASS marks in at least 80 credits and has an overall average of 40% or more over the full 120 credits, then they will be awarded credits on aggregate for the failed courses. For programmes where the taught and project or dissertation components are taken in parallel, or where there are not identifiable taught and research project or dissertation.