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Extensions and Special Circumstances

How to apply for an extension to submit coursework up to seven days late, and for Special Circumstances.

Extensions - up to seven days

Where a student provides good reason for late submission of coursework, the School will consider accepting late submission of up to seven (7) calendar days without exacting a penalty.

If this applies to you, you need to submit your extension request and have it approved before an assignment is due or you’ll incur a penalty. This requirement applies to all students, including those who have Learning Adjustments and are entitled to additional consideration.

All students are responsible for submitting their cases for extension, and supporting evidence, using the standard Coursework Extensions Request Form. 

Extensions should not be requested on the day of the deadline, unless this cannot be avoided.

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Examples of circumstances which are considered good reasons for coursework extensions, and those which are not, are listed in the Taught Assessment Regulations 2021: see Late Submission of Coursework (Section B - 28).

Taught Assessment Regulations 2020/21

Please be aware that if you are taking courses outside of the School of Literatures, Languages and Cultures (LLC), you must familiarise yourself with the relevant School's policy on extensions.

Special Circumstances – more than seven days

Where a student has good reason for requiring a coursework extension of more than seven (7) calendar days, they should submit the coursework when able to do so and apply via the Special Circumstances process for the Board of Examiners to disregard the penalty for late submission.

The Postgraduate Special Circumstances Committee meets three times a year, before each Board of Examiners meeting.

The meetings take place around January (Semester 1 courses), June (Semester 2 courses and progression) and September/October (summer courses, dissertations and final awards). 

Students should read the University’s guidance on application for Special Circumstances, then complete and submit the Special Circumstances form and any evidence as soon as possible, and not more than a week after their final assessment of the semester.

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