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The Impact Committee is keen to hear about the experiences of colleagues whose KE and Impact activities have received support from the Impact Fund. We would also like to share these insights with colleagues planning to undertake KE and Impact work in the future so they can benefit from the accrued knowledge of other researchers.  There is a drop down box included in the form below where you can indicate if you are happy for us to share your response.

Please also remember to update your PURE profile with any new activities.

If you require a copy of this report, please contact the LLC Research Office.

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Provide details of any plans for future developments of this impact project. Are more events planned, or are you looking to develop the project further? Are you thinking of liaising with potential new audiences, or developing links to new collaborators? Even if your plans are only tentative, let us know here what the next steps for this project may be (max. 200 words).
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