Film and Theatre

Undergraduate courses

Film Studies does not offer an undergraduate degree, but there are a number of courses across the School and the university that allow undergraduate students to study film and cinema.

Year 1

Modern China in Literature and Film (LLC)

Year 2

Contemporary Cinema (ECA)

Introduction to European Cinema (LLC)

Jesus in Film (Divinity)

Year 4

Film Criticism and Analysis (LLC)

Cinematic Cities (Geosciences)

Writers and the Cinema (LLC)

Representations of History in the Cinema of Communist China (LLC)

Chinese Silent Cinema: 1920-1935 (LLC: includes practical component)

Visual Anthropology / Film and Anthropology (SPS)

Restricted Year 4 Courses

Film Music post-1950 (ECA: Music students)

Film Music to 1950 (ECA: Music students)

Latin American Film: History, Identity and Social Justice (LLC: Spanish Honours)

From Girls in Uniform to Men in Drag: Gender, Sexuality and Ethnicity on the German Screen (LLC: German Honours)

Sicily from Sonnet to Cinema (LLC: Italian Honours)

Intimate Exposures: Fifty Years of French First-Person Cinema (LLC: French Honours)

Literature and Film: The Challenge of Adaptation (LLC: French Honours)

Exploring Belgian Identities in Literature and Film (LLC: French Honours)

The French New Wave (LLC: French Honours)

The Cinema of Chantal Akerman: Memory, History, Desire (LLC: French Honours)

Edinburgh College of Art

The Edinburgh College of Art (ECA) offers a practically oriented BA (Hons) degree in Film and Television:

BA (Hons) in Film and Television

Short Courses

The University of Edinburgh offers film-related short courses which are open to all members of the public and university (subject to a fee):

Film, Media and Contemporary Cultures