Film and Intermediality


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Postgraduate enquiries

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Film Studies 

Name (sorted in ascending order) Role
Dr Pasquale Iannone Lecturer in Film Studies
Dr Hoi Lun Law Teaching Fellow in Film Studies
Dr Chiara Quaranta Teaching Fellow in Film Studies
Dr David Sorfa Programme Director of MSc & PhD in Film Studies | LLC Postgraduate Research Director

Film, Exhibition and Curation

Name (sorted in ascending order) Role
Dr Fraser Elliott Lecturer in Film, Exhibition and Curation
Susan Kemp Programme Director
Dr Andy Moore Lecturer in Film, Exhibition and Curation
Jane Sillars Programme Director
Shona Thomson Lecturer


Name (sorted in ascending order) Role
Dr Fabien Arribert-Narce Senior Lecturer in French and Francophone Studies
Dr Inma Sánchez García Teaching Fellow in Intermediality Studies
Marion Schmid Professor of French Literature and Film

Staff with related expertise

Name (sorted in ascending order) Role
Charlotte Bosseaux Senior Lecturer
Claire Boyle Lecturer in French
Leanne Dawson Senior Lecturer in Film Studies and German Studies
David Farrier Professor of Literature and the Environment
Charlotte Gleghorn Senior Lecturer in Latin American Film Studies and Head of Section for SPLAS (Spanish, Portuguese and Latin American Studies)
Jessica Gordon-Burroughs Lecturer in Latin American Studies and Visual Culture
Xuelei Huang Senior Lecturer in Chinese Studies
Aaron Kelly Senior Lecturer
Nacim Pak Shiraz Personal Chair of Cinema and Iran
Federica G Pedriali Professor of Literary Metatheory and Modern Italian Studies
Chris Perkins Senior Lecturer in Japanese
Jeremy Robbins Forbes Chair of Hispanic Studies
Greg Walker Regius Professor of Rhetoric and English Literature
Julian Ward Senior Lecturer in Chinese