Film and Theatre

Seminars and conferences

As a PhD student in Film Studies you are strongly encouraged to attend Edinburgh Film Seminar lectures and to contribute to and attend work-in-progress seminars and other meetings.

Students who have progressed well will be encouraged to propose papers and present their research at graduate conferences in the UK or abroad. Funding may be available if you wish to attend conferences.

Work-in-progress seminars

In year two and three of their studies, PhD students present their research to staff and peers as part of the work-in-progress series. Each presentation (a 40-minute illustrated lecture) is followed by discussion.

Edinburgh Film Seminar

PhD and MSc students are strongly encouraged to attend Film Studies’ series of cross-disciplinary lectures (Edinburgh Film Seminar). Lecturers from other schools and colleges who are working with film, as well as scholars from other institutions and professionals from the field are invited to present their research and work. Presentations are followed by informal discussions.

Edinburgh Film Seminar

Cine-clubs and informal meetings

Most years postgraduate students get together and to organize their own screenings followed by discussions: you may be able to use our premises for such informal gatherings.

A range of additional extra-curricular events will be proposed throughout the year.

Dissemination of findings

Students who progress well are encouraged to propose articles and papers and present their research at conferences. Funding may be available for this and Transkills’ programme offers training useful for students seeking to disseminate their findings.

Students receive support from their supervisors and peers in selecting suitable outlets for their findings as well as designing conference papers or article proposals. Principal supervisors will also advise on the content of conference papers and articles.