Film and Theatre

PhD in Film Studies

The PhD in Film Studies is a 3-year full-time or 6-year part-time degree programme which allows you to pursue a research topic in depth.

How to apply

You can apply online for this degree programme, but you must use the Film Studies PhD proposal template which is available here.

Supervision and support

You will be assigned a principal and assistant supervisor who most closely match your area of research interest.

Seminars and conferences

As a PhD student in Film Studies you are strongly encouraged to attend Edinburgh Film Seminar lectures and to contribute to and attend work-in-progress seminars and other meetings.

Work opportunities

With its numerous cinemas, its international and national film festivals and its wealth of galleries and cultural institutes, the city of Edinburgh has much to offer to students of film, including occasional part-time job opportunities and unpaid internships.

Current and former PhD Students

Current and former research students in the Film Studies department

Contact details

Information on who to contact for queries regarding the PhD in Film Studies

Fees and funding

Information about fees and funding for the PhD in Film Studies. Find out which university and external awards may be available and how loans can help finance your study.

Fees and funding