Film and Intermediality

PhD in Film Studies

Pursue a Film Studies topic in depth and make an original contribution to research in the discipline.

How to apply for a PhD in Film Studies

Before you formally apply for a Film Studies through the University of Edinburgh’s online system, you will likely find it beneficial to get to know us first so that you are confident we’re the best place for you to undertake your research.

We ask candidates to take the following two steps before applying for a PhD: 

Step one

Have a look at the research interests and expertise of our staff. While you do not need to find a member of staff willing to supervise your project before applying, please do take some time to read over staff members’ profiles, research interests, and publications, to ensure that your project is something we can effectively supervise. We are much more likely to supervise a project if it closely relates to our own expertise and research interests. 

We have very limited supervision capacity for the PhD in Film Studies. Please contact Dr Ana Salzberg with an expression of interest in the first instance.

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Contact Ana Salzberg

Step two

Using our template, write your Research Proposal. This document will be one of the most important parts of your formal application. It will enable us to evaluate the general and specific areas of your research interests, the originality and importance of your topic, and the feasibility of the proposed project within the given timescale. 

Formal application

You can find out more about language requirements, facilities, fees, funding opportunities and application deadlines for this PhD programme, and formally apply to study on it, on the University of Edinburgh’s online Degree Finder. Where you are asked to submit a Research Proposal, you must use our template (see Step two).

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Get in touch

If you have any queries about the process, or any other aspect of the PhD in Film Studies, please contact the Programme Director.

Contact Ana Salzberg