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Read about the experiences of our students, staff and alumni in Film Studies, Film, Exhibition and Curation and Intermediality.

Meet our graduates: James Hanton (Film Studies)

James with his dissertation, in front of a piece of art on the 4th floor of 50 George Square
Starting his critic career in The Student during the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, MSc Film Studies graduate James Hanton traces his journey from Social Anthropology to Film in this blog post, and shares insights and advice for students eager to try their hand at reviewing live shows.

Meet our graduates: Saad Siddiqui

Saad Ahmad Siddiqui on Portobello Beach in Edinburgh
Exploring Bombay Cinema through the Edinburgh cityscape, MSc Intermediality graduate Saad Siddiqui tells us about producing a short film as his final masters programme project and screening the film at events in both India and Scotland.

MINT Chinese Film Festival brings together graduate talent in women on screen

Photo of Mint Chinese Film Festival staff
We hear from alumni and staff in Asian Studies and Film, Exhibition and Curation about the very first edition of a new festival showcasing films by and about Chinese women.

The Film Dispatch: The story continues

The Film Dispatch founder Niamh and social media manager Kunlin in front of the main library in George Square
We sat down with online student-run magazine The Film Dispatch to catch up on their first six months and hopes for the future.

Breathing new life into fascinating archival footage of Scotland's lifeboats on wild seas

Photo of Shona Thomson with composers after a performance
Shona Thomson tells us how the making of her FOCAL Award-shortlisted film is being used on our Film, Exhibition and Curation programme to help students explore working with archives.

Embracing ambiguity – BAFTSS shortlisting for Teaching Fellow in Film Studies

Photo of Hoi Lun Law standing on a beach
We talk to Hoi Lun Law about being BAFTSS-shortlisted for Best First Monograph and how our students can engage with ambiguity and film criticism.

And... action! Film students launch new magazine

Film students Niamh and Yvonne take us behind the scenes of their new student-led magazine, The Film Dispatch.

What’s it like to attend the Sundance Film Festival virtually?

Three Film, Exhibition and Curation students talk to us about their experiences of Sundance and how it feels to have their research used by the Festival.

What’s it like to help out at one of Edinburgh's leading European film festivals?

We talk to Film Studies MSc student Simon Galván about developing his skills at the fifth annual Edinburgh Spanish Film Festival.

Meet our graduates: Katherine Irving

A film programmer and educator, Katherine completed our Film Studies MSc in 2014 and is now based in the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. She also teaches at Boston College.