Film and Intermediality

Past events

A curated selection of past events in Film and Intermediality at the University of Edinburgh.

Apr 28 2022 -

Join us on Zoom for a free seminar by Dr Aida Vallejo (University of Edinburgh/University of the Basque Country) on the international ecosystem of documentary film festivals, their different profiles and cultural dynamics and the networks developed around them.
Mar 28 2022 -

Join us on Zoom for a seminar by Professor Pascale Aebischer (University of Exeter) on made-for-digital live productions during the Covid-19 pandemic and the re-imagination of the relationship between audience and performers.
Mar 16 2022 -

Join us at the inaugural workshop of the Research Partnership in Intermedia Studies between the University of Edinburgh and Meiji University, exploring relationships between images, music and texts.
Mar 09 2022 -

Join us on Zoom for a free seminar by Dr Alison Peirse (University of Leeds) on 1980s horror filmmaker Jackie Kong, as a way of critically revisiting our histories of horror cinema and working towards a feminist historiography.

Earlier events 

Series Date Title Speaker(s)
Edinburgh Film Seminar Series 16 February 2018

Modernist Belatedness in Contemporary Slow Cinema

Dr Angelos Koutsourakis (University of Leeds)
Edinburgh Film Seminar Series 21 November 2017 Holier than Thou: Noël Carroll and Ideology Critique Dr Mario Slugan (Ghent University, Belgium)
Edinburgh Film Seminar Series 22 November 2016 The Crises of Film Criticism and the Promises of Film Studies Mattias Frey (University of Kent)
Edinburgh Film Seminar Series 26 October 2016 Schrödinger’s Cinema: The Matter of Life and Death Dr William Brown (University of Roehampton)
Edinburgh Film Seminar Series 23 February 2016 The Influence of Film Schools on European Film Culture Professor Duncan Petrie (University of York)
Edinburgh Film Seminar Series 5 November 2015 Realizing the Witch: Science, Cinema, and the Mastery of the Invisible Dr Richard Baxstrom (University of Edinburgh).
Edinburgh Film Seminar Series 8 October 2015 Selfish Cinema: Questions of Gender and Control in Adaptations of Ayn Rand for the Screen Professor Lisa Downing (University of Birmingham)
Edinburgh Film Seminar Series 24 September 2015 Also like Life: the Films of Hou Hsiao-hsien Professor Richard I. Suchenski (Bard College, New York)

We have also had the pleasure to host lectures, seminars and masterclasses by other filmmakers, critics, theorists, and festival directors, including:

  • Laura Mulvey
  • Michel Chion
  • Mark Cousins
  • Chris Fujiwara
  • Richard Dyer
  • Raymond Bellour