English and Scottish Literature

Transferring into English Literature

During their pre-honours years, some students decide that they wish to change their intended honours degree pathway.

In order to be eligible for a potential transfer, students must normally either be already enrolled in English or Scottish Literature as part of the named degree programme or have taken one of these courses as their outside subject in first and second year. Because there are usually more requests for transfers than places available, we operate an application process that ensures we can be as fair as possible to all those who apply.


The Department of English Literature keeps open a maximum of 30 places for such transfers. Where demand exceeds capacity, those applicants with the highest marks in their English or Scottish Literature courses will have priority.

How to apply for a transfer

For students who are already taking English or Scottish Literature as part of their degree programme, transfers can only be made from the end of the first year of study and acceptance is conditional on strong performance in English or Scottish Literature One or Two.

For students taking English Literature as an 'outside' subject who wish to transfer, a decision on this request will normally take place at the end of second year.

Students are advised to consult the LLC Student Support Office at an early stage.

Degree transfer form

In all cases you should complete the Degree Change form below and send it as an email attachment to the LLC Student Support Office (email:  llcstudentsupport@ed.ac.uk), by Friday 16th July 2021.