English Literature

BA (Arts, Humanities & Social Science)

Students taking the BA (AHSS) can include Third Year English Literature courses as part of their degree.

English Literature courses and the BA (Arts, Humanities & Social Science)

Students who have taken

English Literature 1 OR Scottish Literature 1


English Literature 2 OR Scottish Literature 2

as part of their BA degree may apply to take Third Year English Literature courses.

Only an overall mark of 50% at the first attempt will guarantee entry to English or Scottish Literature 3. Students must also gain a pass in the degree exams.

How to apply

Application is made near the end of Semester 2 of your Second Year. Students should attend the Honours Briefing which will be advertised in the Second Year lecture timetable.

Information on how to apply will be available at this briefing or from the English Literature section of the LLC Undergraduate Teaching Office.

Courses taken in Third Year

Students are required to take 60 credits made up of

ONE OPTION course in each semester (ALL option courses have a one-hour autonomous learning session per week in addition to the 2-hour seminar), PLUS any two critical practice courses.

Course Semester Credits
Option course Semester One 20 credits
EITHER Critical Practice: Performance   OR Critical Practice: Poetry   10 credits
Option course Semester Two 20 credits
EITHER Critical Practice: Prose   OR Critical Practice: Criticism   10 credits
    = 60 credits

The remaining 60 credits taken in Third Year will be made up of courses other than English Literature, to be chosen with the advice of your Personal Tutor or the relevant Student Support Office and according to the regulations for the degree of BA (AHSS).

For more information on Third Year courses in English Literature, please consult