English and Scottish Literature

Edinburgh editors

These are the Edinburgh editors of the Carlyle Letters together with some selected publications.

Selected publications

Ian Campbell

Ian Campbell

  • “Carlyle and Education” in "Thomas Carlyle Resartus", eds. P. Kerry and M. Hill - 2010
  • ed. T. Carlyle, "Reminiscences" (new ed, revised OUP edn. with K.J.Fielding, 1997) - 2009
  • "Carlylus Tyrannus" - 2009
  • "Thomas Carlyle" - reprint 1993
Liz Sutherland
Aileen Christianson

Aileen Christianson

  • Jane Welsh Carlyle, Biography and Biographers - 2008
  • "Moving in Circles: Willa Muir’s Writings" - 2007
  • "Jane Welsh Carlyle’s Private Writing Career" in "A History of Scottish Women’s Writing", eds. D. Gifford and D. McMillan - 1997

Aileen Christianson & Sheila McIntosh

  • "Lives of Victorian Literary Figures III; The Carlyles" - 2005
Katherine Inglis

Katherine Inglis

  • Thomas Carlyle's Laystall and Charles Dickens's Paper-Mill', Carlyle Studies Annual (2011)
Jane Roberts