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The Carlyle Letters Online

The print volumes of the Carlyle Letters are the basis of the electronic The Carlyle Letters Online, a major new resource launched in 2007 by Duke University Press.

Headshots of Thomas and Jane Welsh Carlyle

The Carlyle Letters Online

CLO provides an electronic data base with an immediate search capacity of all the texts and notes; Brent Kinser, Western Carolina University, is its coordinating editor. It currently includes volumes 1-38 with subsequent volumes added, usually about two years after print publication. CLO is funded by the National Endowment for the Humanities.

Edinburgh’s central role in the production of the printed volumes is a prerequisite for its production.

CLO gives an extra tool for exploration of previously published volumes, enabling fast searches, comparisons and cross referencing. Wide use is made of the site beyond the academic community. Its existence provides exceptional public access to the correspondence of the Carlyles, the editing information found in the Letters, and any query in relation to the Victorian age.