English Literature

Where this programme might take you

Career opportunities for US Literature graduates.

Completing the MSc in US Literature will help you develop and refine your research and analytical skills in ways that will prepare you either for further postgraduate study or for employment beyond the university.

Being able to read and evaluate often complex material, to articulate your ideas in extended written form, and to manage your time effectively, are all tools that are essential employment attributes.

Recent graduates from this programme are working in journalism, publishing (for companies such as Random House), and electronic publishing.

The transferrable skills you will acquire on this programme will prove highly valuable to potential employers in whatever field you choose to enter.

Doing the MSc helped me to focus on the aspects of American Literature I'm most interested in, and the courses I chose reflect the direction I want my writing (and possibly future research) to go. I'm currently based in London, [where] I've founded and edit a literary & art journal, which is doing really well. I've done a few conferences, on literature and gender studies, and I'm working on a chapter for a book.

Terri-Jane Dow, writer, editor and founder of the journal, SeverineTerri-Jane graduated from our MSc in US Literature in 2014