English Literature

Teaching and Assessment

The MSc Playwriting comprises core and optional courses and is assessed through a combination of portfolio work and essays.

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The programme consists of the following courses:

Semester one (September - December)

The Craft of the Playwright I (core course, 40 credits)

Time and Space of Performance (core course, 20 credits)

Semester one core courses - more information

Semester two (January - April)

The Craft of the Playwright II (core course, 40 credits)

A Literature option course (option course, 20 credits)

Semester two core course - more information

Semester two option courses - more information

Dissertation portfolio (submitted in August)

A Playwriting portfolio, submitted in August

Dissertation portfolio - more information


Marks for coursework submissions are weighted according to credits.

The Craft of the Playwright I and II will be assessed at the end of each course by a portfolio of work produced during that period, of approximately 50 minutes performance time, circa 30 pages.

Time and Space of Performance and the semester two Literature option course will each be assessed by an essay of 4,000 words submitted at the end of each semester.

The Playwriting portfolio will be assessed by a submission of around 100 minutes, circa 60 pages.

In order to proceed to the preparation of the dissertation portfolio, you must pass at least 80 credits with a mark of 50% or above and attain an average mark of at least 50% overall in the coursework.

If you fail to achieve the required standard in coursework you will not be allowed to proceed to the final portfolio, but providing you have passed at least 80 credits and have achieved an overall average of at least 40%, you will be awarded the Diploma.