English Literature

Aims and Outcomes

The MSc Playwriting aims to focus not only on the craft of writing for performance, but also on how a script plays out in real space and time, and in front of an audience.

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During the programme you will:

  • Be introduced to, and become skilled in, a range of applied methods for the development and structuring of dramatic script for live performance such as character, action, structure, image and metaphor
  • Develop a knowledge and understanding of writing for different kinds of performance contexts from the single-authored play to devised work and live art
  • Grow in a knowledge and understanding of both the theory, methodology and practice of writing different genres from tragedy and comedy to political theatre
  • Be supported by one to one sessions with the programme director and development work on their scripts with professional actors and directors
  • Explore and develop your unique, individual creative voice

By the end of the programme you will have:

  • Developed a familiarity with a range of different playwrights and types of live performance through reading and regular theatre visits
  • Become familiar with the professional development and production processes of live performance and how these impact on the making of script
  • Developed your critical skills as a reader of your own and others’ work and as a creator and consumer of live performance
  • Written at least two short works and one full-length piece for live performance