English Literature

MSc Medieval Literature in Scotland and England

The prose, poetry and drama of the later medieval period (roughly 1350-1550) in England and Scotland offer a remarkably rich subject for advanced literary study.

Medieval scene

Current scholarly research also emphasises their importance in the formation of Scottish and English national and cultural identities in this crucial period of social and cultural change.

This MSc allows students to pursue individual projects in Scottish and/or English literature within a wider interdisciplinary understanding of the period as a whole. Whether your interests lie in major figures such as Chaucer, Langland, The Gawain Poet, Malory, Skelton, Henryson, Dunbar, Douglas or Lyndsay, in less well-known or anonymous writers, the romance tradition, lyric poetry or drama, or in the relationships between literature, society and politics, the MSc by Research in Medieval Literature in Scotland and England offers you the opportunity to undertake a substantial piece of supervised independent research, supported by a flexible choice of taught options in related areas.

We can supervise research in any area of the field, and have particular strengths in verse and prose romance, religious and secular drama, and lyric poetry.

Option courses

Please note that your choice of options depends on availability and will be decided in consultation with your supervisor.

Learning outcomes

Students should:

  • develop a knowledge and understanding of the roles played by various forms of writing in reflecting and influencing key elements of religious and secular culture in England and Scotland in the period 1300-1560
  • deepen their knowledge and understanding of selected themes and topics in a way that enables them to select and execute an independent piece of research
  • develop a familiarity with the variety of materials that can be used to explore the cultural life of this turbulent period, along with a critical understanding of some of the ways in which the period has been conceptualised and understood by scholars, past and present
  • gain a grasp of the methodological issues and problems of literary and cultural analysis, equipping them with experience of creating original academic work to underpin (where appropriate) further interdisciplinary research at PhD level


To discuss possible topics and areas for the MSc by Research in Medieval Literature in Scotland and England, please contact Professor Greg Walker.

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