English Literature


We offer the following MSc by Research pathway programmes.

MSc by Research American Literature

This MScR degree programme enables students to develop more intensively their interests in aspects of American literature, from first colonisation to the present, post-9/11 moment.

MSc Critical Theory

This MScR degree programme enables students to develop more intensively their interests in critical theory and its intersection with the study of English literature.

MSc Medieval Literature in Scotland and England

The prose, poetry and drama of the later medieval period (roughly 1350-1550) in England and Scotland offer a remarkably rich subject for advanced literary study.

MSc Postcolonial Literature

In the MSc Postcolonial Literature programme you will be introduced to a range of colonial and postcolonial discourse from countries and regions such as Africa, the Americas, Asia, Canada and Oceania, and will explore a range of issues contingent upon colonisation, independence, and the formation of postcolonial diasporic communities.

MSc Renaissance Literature

Modern English Literature begins in the extraordinary developments of the 16th and early 17th centuries. Under the influence of social, religious and political transformations, and through engagement with classical and continental European culture, new theories and practices of literature appeared that have influenced generations of writers since.

MSc Romanticism

The writing and thought of the Romantic period has long been central to the study of modern literatures in English, and recent developments in literary theory have underlined the continuing importance of changing conceptions and practices of literature and philosophy in this period.

MSc Scottish Literature

From the poetry of Dunbar and Henryson to the fiction of James Kelman and A.L. Kennedy, Scottish literature presents an extraordinarily rich and varied subject of study, whether considered as a tradition in its own right or in terms of its interaction with English, European or world literatures.

MSc Victorian Literature

The literature of the Victorian era offers an extraordinary range of styles, themes and intellectual ideas. This diverse and dynamic literary field reflects a period which witnessed rapid change in almost every area of existence.

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