English and Scottish Literature

50GS - Creative Arts Magazine

50GS is a new digital literary journal of poetry, prose, innovative and cross-genre texts, video poems, literary videos and artwork established by students from 50 George Square.

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The journal derives its name from the home of English Literature at the University of Edinburgh, number 50 George Square, and was established in the autumn of 2016. Our inaugural issue will be published in February of 2017 and we are now looking for submissions for inclusion in our first issue.

50GS accepts short fiction; book reviews; interviews; craft essays; short, creative non-fiction; poetry; photography; and visual art. Our aim is to feature new and emerging writers and artists working in these forms, and we have a particular interest in essays on the craft of writing, as well as on editing, publishing, struggles in your own writing, favourite books and essays, writing/publishing conference panels, and the like.