The Edge of Words

Seminar series

Edge of Words seminar series dates and details.

Edge of Words Seminar Series

Person hearing words

Talks will begin at 1.10pm in the Seminar Room of the Institute for Advanced Studies in the Humanities, 2 Hope Park Square, Edinburgh EH8 9NW unless stated otherwise.

22 May 2015

Dr Benedict Taylor, University of Edinburgh

8 May 2015

Professor Rob Dunbar, University of Edinburgh

13 March 2015

Professor Annegret Heitmann, Department of Nordic Philology, University of Munich

13 February 2015

Dr Frances Fowle, University of Edinburgh

16 January 2015

Dr Lucile Desblache, University of Roehampton

12 December 2014

Professor Lesley Milne

28 November 2014

Dr Kathryn Batchelor, Nottingham University

21 November 2014

Ruth Kirkpatrick, storyteller

14 November 2014

Dr Robert Samuels, Senior Lecturer, Open University

2 May 2014

Thomas Western, PhD student, Music, University of Edinburgh

28 March 2014

Professor Terry Gunnell, University of Iceland

14 February 2014

Professor Jean Andrews, The University of Nottingham

7 February 2014

Dr Claire Thomson, University College London

24 January 2014

Professor Jean Duffy, University of Edinburgh

29 November 2013

Dr Nigel Harkness, Queen’s University Belfast

15 November 2013

Professor Jean Boase-Beier, University of East Anglia

1 November 2013

Inna Veselova (PhD), St-Petersburg State University. Seminar held in association with the Princess Dashkova Centre and Celtic and Scottish Studies.

25 October 2013

Dr Daniel Yacavone, University of Edinburgh

27 September 2013

Dr Anthony Parton, Durham University

10 May 2013

Jeppe Stricker, Aalborg University, Denmark

15 March 2013

Carl Lindahl, Department of English, University of Houston

7 December 2012

Emily Lyle, Celtic & Scottish Studies, University of Edinburgh

9 November 2012

Ella Leith, Celtic & Scottish Studies, University of Edinburgh