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Françoise Král

  • 'Diaspora' entry in the Oxford Bibliographies (OUP, 2020). 

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Diasporic Trajectories: Charting New Critical Perspectives

  • December 2019: publication of Diasporic Trajectories: Charting New Critical Perspectives as a special issue (volume 55, issue 6, 2019) of The Journal of Postcolonial Writing (Taylor & Francis/Routledge). This volume brings together in article form a number of the papers which were presented at the 'Diasporic Trajectories' seminar series held at Edinburgh University's IASH. See:  https://www.tandfonline.com/toc/rjpw20/current  

Francoise Kral, Seminar Series

Sam Coombes, 'Inscriptions en relation' colloquium

Sam Coombes, Edouard Glissant A Poetics of Resistance (Bloomsbury, 2018) book release tour

Diasporic Trajectories Seminar Series 2016

Diaspora studies is a growing area of research within the broader field of postcolonial studies. Its principal focus is the ways in which the experiences of migrant and displaced communities have been represented in thought, literature and art. With the aim of encouraging underexplored comparative perspectives this seminar series will probe diaspora-related themes in a diverse range of ways. There will be two papers at each of the 4 seminars, separated by a coffee break. Seminar 5 will be given over to postgraduate work in the field. The series is organised by the Diaspolinks research group and is open to all.