Scandinavian Studies

PhD student profiles

Details of current Scandinavian Studies PhD students in the School of Literatures, Languages and Cultures.

Name (sorted in descending order) Thesis title
Ryan Foster Norse shielings in Scotland: An interdisciplinary study of setr/sætr and ærgi-names.
Ian Giles Tracing the Transmission of Scandinavian Literature to the UK: 1917-2017
Ruairidh Tarvet Re-Imagining Sleswig: Language and Identity in a Borderland; The Regional, National and Transnational Dimensions of Understanding Minority Identity
Barbara Tesio-Ryan Reassessing Karen Blixen's Gengældelsens Veje/The Angelic Avengers: A Novel Challenging Gender, Totalitarianism and Colonial Practices
Anja Tröger Affective Spaces: Trajectories of Migration in Scandinavian and German Transnational Narratives 2011-2017