Scandinavian Studies

Nordic Branding and The Reception of the Nordic Model Abroad - Programme 2019

Programme for the Nordic Branding and The Reception of the Nordic Model Abroad event, 2019.

Day 1: St Leonard's Hall, St Trinnean's Room


09:45 - Coffee


10:15 - Introduction

Arne Kruse (University of Edinburgh)


10:30 - Keynote 1: Scotland's Nordic future   

Alasdair Allan (MSP)


11:00 - Session 1: Scotland and The North

Chair: Alan Macniven (University of Edinburgh)

  • Popular Perceptions of the Nordic Model in Scotland

        Laila Berg (University of Oslo (UiO))

  • ‘What Scotland can Learn’: A Study of the organisation Nordic Horizons

         Atle Wold (UiO)



12.20 - Lunch


13.30 - Session 2: The Nordic Image and Identity 

Chair: Arne Kruse (University of Edinburgh)

  • Framing the ‘Docu-Noir’

       Kate Moffat (University of Warwick)

  • Concrete and Ice: from urban grit to bucolic idyll

        Haftor Medbøe (Napier University)                             

  • Examining the role of Nordic national minorities as cultural brand ambassadors

       Ruairidh Tarvet (University of Edinburgh)


15.00     Coffee


15.30 - Keynote 2:  The Nordic small state mentality

Bertil Haarder (MP, Denmark)


16:30 - Comfort break


16:45 - Reception / Music


18:45 - Finish                    


Day 2: 50 George Square, The Project Room (1.06) 

09:45 - Coffee


10:10 - Welcome

Alan Macniven (University of Edinburgh)


10:20 - Keynote 3: A Nordic Model in America: Utopia and representation of the Nordic countries in Québec

Daniel Chartier (University of Québec in Montréal)


11.00 - Session 3: Perceptions of the Nordic Countries and the Nordic Model in France 

Chair: Daniel Clegg (University of Edinburgh)

  • Northern countries as examples in the French press before the Great War: a prehistory of the Nordic Model

        Alexandre Simon-Ekeland (University of Oslo (UiO))

  • The Scandinavian Model in France: political inspiration or myth?

       Cecilie Weiss-Andersen (UiO)

  • Macron and the Nordic model: big ambitions, small results

        Kjerstin Aukrust (UiO)

  • Regional stereotypes: Representations of Scandinavians and of the Nordic model in Michel Houellebecq’s prose fiction

       Geir Uvsløkk (UiO)



13:00 - Why do Swedes trust the state and Scots don’t?

                Ingela Naumann (University of Edinburgh)


13:30 - Lunch


14:30 - Keynote 4: Scandigo Supermercado and Skandinavisk noticias S.L. About company names in the service of a potential Scandinavian colony in Spain.

Ulla Börestam (University of Uppsala)


15.15 - Selling Scandinavia

Caspar Odqvist


15:40 - Session 4: Immigration and Identity 

Chair: Ruairidh Tarvet (University of Edinburgh)

  • Similar developments but for different reasons? Swedish immigration and integration policies in comparative Nordic perspective

       Pontus Oddmalm (University of Edinburgh)

  • Not Happy in the Happiest Countries in the World: Affective Alienation in Zeshan Shakar’s Tante Ulrikkes vei and Pooneh Rohi’s Araben

       Anja Tröger (University of Edinburgh)



16:40 - Coffee


17:00 - The Norther Scholars Lecture: The Icelandic Tradition of Silence 

Hallgrímur Helgason


17:50 - Concluding Remarks          

Atle Wold (University of Oslo)


18:00 - Finish