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ÌLE: Islay Life Explorer

The Islay Life Explorer (ÌLE ) is a web-based portal to a unique collection of thematically layered data on the Isle of Islay.

The data presented has been drawn from a variety of hitherto uncollated sources, including the contents of Roger McWee’s Islay Cultural Database, and the cartographic, economic and place-name material underpinning Dr Alan Macniven’s research on the Vikings in Islay. It can be accessed here:

  • The initial stages of the ÌLE project were made possible by a grant from the LLC Impact Fund.
  • Hosting and web-development has been made possible by the School of Geosciences.
  • ÌLE is maintained and updated as part of the MSc dissertation pool for students of Geographical Information Science. Special thanks are due to Bruce Gittings, Senior Lecturer in Geographical Information, and Eniola Babatunde.

If you have any queries, suggestions for future updates, or are the owner of a dataset you would like to share, please contact Dr Alan Macniven (

NB: This service has been made available free of charge for personal use only, subject to the copyright conditions outlined on the ÌLE 'About' tab. No part of the website may be distributed or copied for any commercial purpose, even where there is no direct commercial gain, without receiving the explicit written permission of the copyright holder.